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  1. Ah yes. Sorry. £1300 on my debit card and £1000 in cash
  2. I paid part cash part debit card. Yes have read the article and then some. Having only just recovered from a severe mental issue, I dont think I can fight it without breaking me in the process. They still run out of the same address, same names, still advertising on auto trader, same complaint email address.
  3. I purchased an Alfa Romeo from this garage 21.08.20 not knowing of its reputation. I realised it had an oil leak so took it to a local garage (CCG wasn't interested in checking it) so have found that its been botched and I have become another victim of their lies and fraud. Have I lost money that I simply can't afford to loose? I rang CCG, spoke to Nathan and was told to email their "complaints department", which I did. Then I found lots of articles about this company. I need help. Please.
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