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  1. To raise a fraud for VISA Chargeback it needs to under the below category: "goods and services not provided, within 120 days period", the 540 days timescale is for "flights cancelled" relevant they said. I got him to check with the management and he stood by that because I paid on the day, "the matter was concluded there and then", even if I assured them I have transcripts that Newlyn acted as a separate entity and had not given any confirmations what solicitros or Claimant will do following this, as well as all the evidence proving otherwise. They therefore used the 120
  2. they say that because i paid it was resolved then and there and if it's a crime i should go to the police
  3. I only got a WS statement from Claimant early February with that last point being mentioned (note I have not been given a copy in court). I was sending SARs to everyone and try to access Newlyn recordings because they failed to submit password with their recording files. Now I have this info I can do this - what is a chargeback, how do I request it? via court? isnt is better to just do a counterclaim? Ps. FYI maybe because I was trying to sort out my life/relocation/payments/family + overtime helping design emergency new hospital due to this virus + the house purchas
  4. Transcipt of my calls to Newlyn - the 2 other were just payment callsTranscript of calls 1,2,3.pdf. Important bits highlighted in red.
  5. Particularised defence? Sorry i am confused. I will aim to post a draft tonight. The march letter is attached. actually I have mistaken the deadlines to submit evidence, to be 15th not 28th March but I have already sent an email to the aldershot court to request an extension of time due to coronavirus. Just need to submit it asap now. No, I made a Formal Complaint to them though so that I have a response I can submit to ActionFraud. This, together with the recordings (which I am in process of transcribing, will upload fragments shortly) and the WS from Claimant at Set a
  6. Thank you. To clarify, the initial Judgement was already set aside following the court case in January 6th mentioned above: Upon hearing the Defendant in person it is ordered that 1. Judgment is Set Side 2. Entry on the Register of County court Judgments removed forthwirth 3. No order as to costs. I now had a letter in March that the new date following the set aside is in September 2020 but parties should submit all evidence to be used in the court case by 28th April 2020. The Claimant needs to pay the £25 fee by mid August or it will be struck out.
  7. Hi DX Thank you I have amended these pages now to not show pcn/reg c) Parking Charge Notice - not a penalty charge notice, no authority to issue PCNs. I have found under BBA code of Conduct that the notices are not to be made to appear as Pernalty Charge Notices to be misleading and this one from photo was yellow and appeared so. I'm just wondering if how to put this into a defence argument... he is referring to "parties knowing obligations to one another under contract" in point 8. d) sorry, what do you mean by DYL? 1 . what do you mean by this? T
  8. Hello all - following a set aside judgment I have now the following case set for September with deadline to submit documents on 28/04/2020. I have managed to get the documents which the Claimant sent to the Court for the set aside which I would think are going to be similar arguments for the case coming ahead. Attached anonymised set. I had a read through and I will be putting a defence over the weekend. My main lines of arguments is questioning the Signage as Contract. a) nowhere along the driver's route to that parking locati
  9. Maybe I am. But that's for Action Fraud to decide if it should be fought, it seems to be easier to prove than fighting the lazy Judge. And it's where it will hurt them most, on abuse of process/co-operation in bribery/theft which is then reportable to the FCA. I'm just writing to show I initiated discussion. And that Newlyn came back with recordings of calls ( I am yet to listen to them and see if they are missing something) and they wrote they will reply to my complaint within 30 days so 10th Jan latest. Once they do I will put in here both of the files and so we can work from the
  10. It was an error not to include the draft defence. Because I should have said that the letter i wrote to them was in relation to the evidence of me parking on kestrel rd and not Merlin rd. Therefore all the correspondence following December from lawyers and 3rd parties relating to Merlin rd made no sense to me and therefore the denial of the charge and request for more evidence. Im not sure i can send a clarifying reply once I agreed to a deal, which was based on claimant response statement which I have however not had an opportunity to see and therefore could not respond adequate
  11. The judge asked if I have seen The statement from the claimant in relation to my set aside. I said I wasnt sent one at all or aware of it. He said the content mentions a letter of appeal i wrote to them september last year when i didnt appeal on the grounds of it being on wrong street and that it and it was for unloading, that the machine was not working and that the driver did not see the signs I asked him why is he asking why the car was there if this is a set aside hearing, I was writing and calling on different occasions without having succe
  12. Court case update. They didnt appear but sent a statement they have never sent to me. In the statement they said ive corresponded with them and that ive appealed saying that the driver was unloading. Also that I havent updated them with a current address. Allegedly they said that they have right to issue tickets on that other road, but i didnt are the statement so not sure what was exactly written. They offered to agree to set aside on condition that no more money from Claimant is due, not even for the n244. Ive taken the loss of overall of £255+£360
  13. Hello, long time no see. The house Vendor still hasn't got papers so I may have some extra time, woop woop, keeping strong. A small update, Northampton CCBC has transferred the file but not confirmed fees paid and following a lot of emails and phone calls and pleas (what a mess), I had my local county court confirm they have now forwarded this to admin team (I was promised an initial view of n244 by Judge this Friday, with dates of hearings shortly forthcoming, will just have to wait and see). Meanwhile, I have written to newlyn plc requesting further information explai
  14. ( As to claiming your own costs idea, if you're not honest in the pre-court period in line with pre-action protocol that is going to turn against you. Also do not count you will remember all that in X months time - get it out of the way, sounds like an simple solution) Interesting . Curious to know on what basis did DVLA share the data, must have been mid-transfer…. As brassnecked said. Act but don't panic.
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