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  1. Sorry it’s been a while. I went to court and changed my plea to guilty and told them I was sorry etc I was begging . The TfL prosecutor was like technically you’re entitled to a 16+ Oyster card and as you had just turnt 18 I’ll have to check with my boss if we need to further prosecute you. Exchanged some emails and they ended up not taking it further. I didn’t have to pay a penny and I have no record. Thank you for all the help !
  2. Sorry the other uses weren’t listed just that one day , I’m not sure who to send a letter to
  3. Thank you I’ve seen a case very similar to mine on there , also there is a name and number to contact at the bottom of the email should I do that tomorrow? And I also have a holiday booked in December to America ( it was booked months ago before this) will I still be able to go?
  4. Hi I just received an email saying we have received your email and we do not settle cases out of court and a single justice procedure notice will be sent in due time . I sent a letter off almost two weeks ago but he did not mention it , could it be that they didn’t receive it?
  5. Yh sorry that was a typo I tried to copy and paste it from word but it wouldn’t let me so I just typed it out on here. and thank you
  6. I just said I was using it whilst I’m waiting for my oyster to come but idk if he wrote it down or anything he didn’t take any notes other than my name and address
  7. I’ve looked at the cases but can’t see anything that isn’t where they’ve used it as an accident or as a mistake If I am convicted , how long would it stay on my record as I want to be a teacher and I have a retail job at the minute
  8. Thank you, I’ve had a look. would it be better if I say that it was only for temporary use until my Oyster card appears. And since then I’ve been using my card for transport should I mention that? As like prop I’ve learnt my lesson
  9. I’ve written up a draft any feedback would be much appreciated ————— To whoever it may concern, I apologise profusely for my actions in this case. As a student currently in my last year of 6th form , a criminal record would be devastating for myself as my future employment relies upon a clean criminal record. I pride myself on my integrity and I feel shameful for my moment of very poor judgement On the 2nd of October , I used the oystercard as I was in a rush in the morning and was in the process of applying for my 18+ student oyster . I was stupors on
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