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  1. No nothing, just says I have to come to Bromley court on Friday and I can either plead guilty without appearing or plead guilty in court or plead not guilty in court as well as some forms about my financial situations ect
  2. Would there be a point in paying a solicitor to try an attempt to write them letter and urge for out of court settlement ?
  3. I want to know if I should plead guilty or appear in court and present my case, I really don’t know why to do
  4. Hello, Just am update on my situation, I received a court summons today and I don’t know what to do, could anybody help me please ?
  5. I’ve sent off the letter, how long will it take for them to get back to me
  6. Could you give me a rough idea on which bits are unnecessary please
  7. If they was to investigate it nationwide phone conversations are recorded so I should have no problems with that
  8. So I bank with nationwide and when I lost my card I called them up to inform them of this and she said she would get a new one sent out to me within 3-5 working days and I asked her if I can continue using my phone for contactless payment and she said that I wouldn’t be able to use it and my account would be frozen until I could got my new card and reactivated it then I could continue using it as normal
  9. It’s just one side so far anything else I can add into the letter ? thank you
  10. Any advice as to where I can trim it back, I’m trying to send the letter off tomorrow if possible Thank you
  11. Dear Sir/Madam, I want to start off by sincerely apologising, not only for my stupidity but for wasting your time on this case. There is absolutely no excuse for my actions however I do regret them. I lost my bank card and because of this my account was frozen temporarily and I was unable to access my money until I received my new bank card and reactivated my account. I did try to burrow money but I was unable to get any help on such short notice. I used my younger sisters Zip Oyster card approximately twice to get to and from work from west Dulwich Station to Bromley South Station. The last time I used it was on Thursday 30th of May. I started work at 11 o’clock and was running late as I was leaving my house to go and catch the train my new bank card arrived with other letters, at the time I was not focused on the letters, I just picked them up and put them in my bag and continued to run to try and make the train. I didn’t open the letters until I was sitting on the train, but at this point it was too late as I had already used my younger sisters card to tap In to get on the train. I got to Bromley South station and was stopped, I immediately cooperated with the staff member. I explained the situation to her, I showed her that my bank card had only arrived today and she said she did understand but I shouldn’t have used my sisters card. She interviewed me on the spot and I answered all the questions truthfully and explain I didn’t do it with the intention to avoid paying. I have never had any convictions before, and have always been law abiding. I plead with you not to take my case to court, my citizenship may be at risk. I have been living in the United Kingdom for approximately fifteen years. If I do get prosecuted in court it will damage my chances of becoming a British citizen. I have also, just completed a my first year of University, I study business and hope to someday pursue a career in that sector and am currently looking for a summer placement. With a criminal conviction there will be a slim chance of me being able to secure a proper job in that sector. I am not eligible for Student Finance meaning my parents and I have to pay for my tuition fees which has made our financial situation extremely difficult. We have barely managed to pay for my first year at university only to find out we have to start paying over £9000 for my next academic year which begins in September, this is why I got a job in order to support my parents with the tuition fee payments for University, I cannot afford to lose my job now, I will be immediately dismissed if I am convicted and will not be able to help with my fees. This is why I plead with you not to take my case to court. I am deeply sorry for my actions and any inconvenience that I may have caused. I am extremely fearful for my future. I implore you to settle this matter out of court, I am happy to pay any administration fees, any unpaid fares and any fines necessary. Since this incident I have started taking extra precautions when travelling to ensure the situation never repeats itself. I now have another contactless bank card in case I lose the main one again and I have a blue oyster card with money on it for emergency situations. I again deeply apologise. I beg you to not to take my case to court, this incident will never repeat itself and I can assure you that I have learnt my lesson. Thank you. Thats what I have
  12. The day in the letter says 25th of June, then it says I have 7days to respond. I didn’t receive the letter until the 29th (this Saturday) so do I have 7 days to respond from the date I received it or from the 25th? & any advice on what to write in the letter back to them ?
  13. I want to go into the legal sector, I’m not sure where yet as I’ve only completed my first year of uni, any advice for me ?
  14. So I’m having trouble uploading the file, I’m just going to type it os you get the gist of it On May 2019 a person giving the above name and address was questioned by a member of rail staff with regard to an alleged incident on Southeastern Railway.The matter has been provisionally authorized for prosecution. Before I proceed further, I invite you to respond by completing in full the bottom section of this letter, making any comments about the incident on the reverse, and send it to the above address within seven days. Failure to respond will lead to the matter being progressed without further notification. Then at the bottom there’s space for me to enter my details
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