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  1. Thank you @stu007 for your understanding and for doing the #13 docs into pdf's and thank you, too, @dx100uk for checking in on the page ~ all your support is much appreciated. Apologies for not being on or there being no activity this past week. Unfortunately I've been laid low with a cluster of fibro spasms and IBS as well...mostly wiped my week out. When I could though, I've been converting files to pdf both for here (redacted) and ready for court and organising everything into different files on the npower usb stick I've got. It's a slow process though, as there's a lot of redacting to do and I'm not sure if I've chosen the right pdf converter, having clicked on one of the links recommended on CAG...somewhere!...Though I'm almost there and will be able to upload some redacted pdf's from the latest complaint over the w/e so that you'll have a really clear and up-to-date view of what's gone on. I think you'll be quite shocked. Thus, a couple of questions: is there a best pdf converter to use, preferably a freebie, please? Do I have to redact all names and identifying details from npower's documents (i.e. CS reps, etc., who have dealt with this, complaint reference numbers, etc.)?? And am I able to name any of them on here? I ask the latter because I've read about Kenny Boy Wriggly Wrangly Devine!...The Legal 'spiv' and wouldn't be at all surprised if he hasn't had a hand in my case ~ it certainly seems to bear some of his hallmarks I've read about here and on other forums (mainly the MSE one). But, there's another name going by the initials of AM, I'd like to know if you've come across? Anyway, thanks again. GM
  2. As for the rest @BankFodder please wait for my bullet points account and further uploads (I'm in the process of converting a lot of my files and screenshots to more condensed pdf thanks to reading one of your posts how to do this for free...but, it's taking time as I also have artritis in practically every bone in my body, as well as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, which affects my hands, and I have a lot of redacting to do). I appreciate your trying to get an angle on this and your keen to help me in the best you can but, if I keep getting sidetracked like this, it will be counterproductive and frustrating for both/all of us. On my #13 I gave a link to your skeleton argument pdf because, I'd carefully researched the posts for days before joining (as well as looking at posts over the last 5 years), which btw needs a bit more redaction on p6 as it's showing [her] name. That could be my case to a 'T' except add in the years back to 2006/2007, particularly since I went on their computer system and was 'treated' to their 1st system migration, and all the others that have followed. Not sure about this person's status but, for me you can also add in the fact that they've: continually failed to put me on their PSR; lost my password more than once (the one call I managed to recall was December 2016 when he openely admitted he couldn't find a trace of my being on a password scheme and they now have two whenever the meter reader arrives...and yes, I've done an SAR to the distributor already because they've failed to keep them informed of my status, that's all in hand); continually ignored my medical status of being disabled and unable to read my own meter (I've repeatedly told them about this, btw) due to not only bone-on-bone arthritis in my right knee (diagnosed 2011) but also a crumbling spine (extensive arthrits) with a prolapsed disc and extensive nerve damage (eventually diagnosed 2014), which leaves me at risk of developing corda equina; continually ignored my vulnerability status; and excarrebated my MH/PTSD over the years with their continuing bullying and threats. Email-From-JN-06_2012_2012-ReSendingCheques-AND-NpowerDictating.pdf
  3. Thanks for this @BankFodder 1. All of your #15 is npower's version, which is entirely based on lies, trying to cover their tracks, obfuscating, etc., etc. So, basically usual npower stuff. The truth is very different and I now have all of the documents I need to prove that in Court regardless of when or if npower eventually are forced into a position of complying with the latest outstanding SAR request in full (highly unlikely) or partial (remotely possible but, I've no doubt they'll resist and what's missing will be more valuable than what's there). 2. I can't do any of what you've asked in your #16 because I don't have the technical capacity nor equipment at home ~ i.e. I have only a desk top pc still running on Windows 7, which my pc Dr has been trying to get me to upgrade for ages but, I can't at the moment do without my computer ~ and I only have a simple phone (calls and sms only) with no internet access and everything was done over the internet/direct through their site. 3. I no longer have an all in one, either, so have to go to a public library (free and they do it for me) or a local P.O. where they have a print section (pay a nominal cost) to scan any documents straight onto a memory stick. Going Forward/How You Can Best Help Me:- 1. I believe I need to make an SAR to the Ombudsman for all the data in this latest complaint through him ~ can I do that via the messaging system on my account and would you please be able to point me in the direction of doing a request?? 2. Ultimately, I will need to do a combined letter of claim and npower as here, honed to my case but, that will have to wait a little longer (N.B. They're currently 11months and 19 days from when I made my 1st request in this complaint - i.e. 06/09/2018 to 25/08/2019 - and 4months and 14 days from when my nephew made the 3rd request, them having acknowledged in an email to me that a 2nd request he'd made had been outstanding/overlooked, with the latter being when they blatantly breached my data by sending the 3rd party form to me and the above deadlock letter to me at my nephews address along with some selected bills without even checking out his ID!! LOL...If you give people/liars and thieves enough rope, they'll eventually hang themselves). 3. I think I also need to put in a complaint to the ICO just to do that thing of having complaint number, as I've got enough documentation to prove the data breaches and obstruction. Best way to do that, please? 4. If you can hold fire on the trying to form a plan until I can do my own list (I wrote it out by hand last night so that I can type it in without the narrative but, that won't be 'til later as I really need to go and rest very soon). With gratitude, GM
  4. It would make no difference to me whether they had implemented the ombudsman's decision ~ apologised and paid compensation (which btw is chicken feed) @honeybee13. I wouldn't have and didn't accept the ombudsman's decision, anyway, because it was totally based on lies and fabrication. Sorry, I keep inadvertently posting and then not being able to edit. To finish #11: I received an email dated 16th August from my nephew with a screenshot attached of the letter (addressed to me at his address, again) they'd sent I don't when. It's illegible, even worse with trying to zoom in, and I'm about to text him to tell him to pull his finger out and send it to me pdq in legible form because I need to know what they're saying/doing (N.B. They've had my address since 2006; amongst the damning evidence I've found and have my own copies of, is that they have retained 3 versions of my address ~ all registered on their system incorrectly, btw ~ with all previous account numbers; and the only reason they started suddenly sending stuff to my nephew's address was because they were being backed into a corner, partly by him in his naivety but, mainly by me [with my knowledge of them]...See attached screenshots, on which I've left just enough detail for you to see what I'm explaining/what has gone on). My nephew in his email, did say that he'd contacted npower (my guess is by phone) and asked them to *update the address to mine* (*see my N.B. above*). Do I think they'll listen to him and do it? ~ Not only doubtful but a big fat NO considering they sent a meter reader out early not long before and they've not listened to a single previous rep over the years. As you probably know, anything is possible with this company. My concern is to get a letter before action sorted a.s.a.p. combined with a final SAR request (I've found @BankFodder's previous letters in these cases) but, will have to be followed-up pretty quickly after ~ certainly within a tight time-frame ~ with action very similar to this https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=24320 However, before I can do that, because of other pressing matters going on that I have to give my attention to, I need to have everything prepared. I hope that makes a bit more sense now. Sorry, I have to go out now and will post again over the w/e. Thanks for your support again. GM 14735326_P.1-FinalDeadlockLetter-SentToMeAtNephewsAddressInLondonWithoutMyKnowledgeOrAuthorisation-15_04.2019-ForumUse-Redacted.jpg.07949f38fe77d44c481bae3fc0970f7a.pdf
  5. Sorry @honeybee13 kept pressing return with *Ctrl for a new paragraph (like I do on Facebook in comments ) so it kept sending. The short answer to your question "Have npower done what the ombudsman said?" is I haven't a clue, though they've certainly 'implemented' something, which is their latest appalling data breach by sending another letter to me at my nephews address (N.B. He's officially stopped 'supporting' me with this, btw, not that he was any more use than a chocolate fireguard himself in fact he said himself he felt he'd made the situation worse He definitely has ).
  6. Ho @honeybee13, Re the account number...Phew! Thank you for that...I'm normally pretty careful in redacting stuff but, did post this very late last night and then started working on...redacting some documents ......in the early hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep, which was in preparation for bringing you up to speed with everything. Re your question: that's what spurred me on to finally join the site: npower have been in so many breaches over the years, it's mind numbing. One of their latest series of breaches even involves the Ombudsman sanctioning those breaches Here's what he said about this:- "The other aspect is in relation to the deadlock letter. You are unhappy that this was sent to your nephew, Mr Sxxxx, but addressed to you. I did seek clarification from npower regarding this and they confirmed what I suspected. Because Mr Sxxxx has been assisting you with your complaint and is a named representative on your npower account, as he is on your account with us, npower state that he had requested information from them, including a deadlock letter. npower therefore sent the deadlock letter to Mr Sxxxx but because the deadlock letter is about your account, the deadlock letter was addressed to you. This is a reasonable explanation from npower, and I do not class this as a breach of GDPR because npower has not shared your personal data with anyone they were not meant to."
  7. @BankFodder and @BazzaS Thank you for your responses ~ I take on board all that you've said, and can only apologise again for all the narrative. My nephew who's been [supposedly] dealing with this for over 6 months, unfortunately didn't have the experience and was consequently taken in by them and the way they 'operate', and he consequently let me down massively including through the Ombudsman this 2nd time: * 2nd Complaint with Ombudsman initially registered 11/04/2019 but, not registered properly until 15/04/2019 through their helpline (by this time my nephew, who was down as my rep for the Ombudsman, too, and the preferred contact, was away and out of the country until 07/05/2019, which was the day before the ombudsman's system had given for all evidence to be in). * Eventually after asking for and being granted 2 or 3 extensions all evidence had to be submitted by the 28/05/2019, though I was still able to keep adding evidence which would supposedly be taken into consideration (it wasn't...don't think any of it was, and it didn't take me long to work that one out!) via the messaging system. * On the BH Saturday (25/05/2019) during a phone session with my nephew in a last ditch attempt to try to get the evidence on the site, he ended-up really pushing my boundaries over this (I've finally had EMDR last year for all the trauma I've been through and that had finally kicked in)...I ended-up calling my nephew a patronizing [and might have used the F word!] prick and turning the phone off. Haven't spoken to him since, or the rest of my family, am only communicating with them through emails, texts and messenger on Facebook, and am intending to keep it that way until I'm god and ready. * The Ombudsman eventually issued his decision on 05/07/2019 (N.B. During this time he'd contacted me twice on the phone, thus bypassing my nephew's status as npower have been doing for years, including in the run-up to my lodging the latest complaint with the Ombudsman). * Npower appealed the decision on the 11/07 (the arrogance of that will strike you once I get the chance to upload the evidence I've been accumulating over the time my nephew has been 'dealing' with them and subsequently), I appealed the decision on the 18/07, which was the day before the final 14 days to appeal were up (N.B. During our 2nd converation, the Ombudsman had told me, whilst prefacing this with "I probably shouldn't be telling you this..." , that if I left it until the day before, I'd then have another 14 days whilst he considered the 'appeal' and then, even after that, I'd have recourse to appeal to his manager if I felt he'd got something wrong!!..........Yeh right! ). * In the end he rejected both of our appeals and this is the basis of his response on the 01/08/2019, which he'd taken to be a relatively simple billing issue, along with my not having understood my bills and never having paid enough all along (NOPE!):- "Some of the bills are shown differently on the spreadsheets, but the information is the same. For example, on the first spreadsheet there is a bill of £3,032.40 on 4 October 2018. On the second spreadsheet there are three bills issued on 4 October 2018 for £677.33, £678.30, and £1,676.77. These three bills add up to £3,032.40. I appreciate that this can be confusing for customer’s, but this is something I did cover in my original decision. Whilst I acknowledge npower’s point that a manual bill will essentially contain the same information as the bills previously issued, it is the way in which the information is presented that is crucial to assisting the customer to understand their account better. After considering the appeals from you and npower, I can see no justifiable reason to change the decision, which I maintain is fair and reasonable for both parties, based on the evidence I have reviewed. I confirm that Ombudsman Services: Energy’s full and final decision is that npower should: • Issue a letter of apology. • Apply a credit of £120.00 to account xxx9111 for the two failed appointments in 2015 in line with the terms of the Guaranteed Standards of Service. • Apply a goodwill gesture credit of £200.00 to account xxx9111 in recognition of the shortfalls in service. • Provide the customer with a manual bill to show a clear breakdown of charges, payments, and credits on account xxx9111 for the period from 19 February 2013 to 19 February 2019. We have now reached the end of our investigation process and there is no further opportunity to appeal. You now must decide if you agree to accept our decision in full and final settlement of the complaint." * I haven't accepted it (why would I, when it's based on lies; npower breaching every SLC and Customer Obligation going with me; the GDPR and former DPA; fraudulently altering my data to fit in with their narrative; obfuscating, kicking-up a dust-storm, using bullying and harrasment every time they're challenged, all with the intention of trying to put the onus of responsibility for .managing. my account back onto me and save themselves coming under further scrutiny with Ofgem...though they're so far behind what has gone-on with this company over the years and/or they just don't want to unsettle their "Dear Stakeholders", especially with one of the Big 6; and all whilst I've been finally able to get the very damning evidence together against them?!). I'm about integrity and having a moral compass ~ everything this company isn't and lacks ~ and I will no longer compromise that for anything or anyone, particularly not this shower of s in npower. So yes @BazzaS I " a) want to take action" and furthermore, I believe I've got a very good case against them with your help. Again thank you both for your support and I'll start on the bullet list over the week-end and also start uploading evidence (I've got rhemes of it on a USB stick, which I'm currently redacting the important ones of). GM
  8. Thank you @uncle bulgaria ~ very much appreciate you moving it....I was only initially going to do a quick 'hello' and start a thread later but, then it just looked to blunt, iyswim?! Actually @BazzaS, I've had various advocates over the years who I've given my formal authority to ~ all ignored and/or by-passed by npower, even one being told back in 2012, which was after I'd been through the Ombudsman the 1st time, that "her role had finished" (at the time my PTSD was still pretty bad) and despite my sending a renewed form of authority as per her instructions to renew her authority, that was totally overridden by npower (they are the worst ******* going for making their own rules up, as you probably know). Indeed, that is the reason I'm dealing with this now myself, as one of my nephews has been [supposedly] dealing with them as my rep (but with no formal written authority), including as my rep with a 2nd complaint through the Ombudsman ("as much use as a chocolate fireguard" I believe is the polite, printable version that would be allowed on the forum! As for 'Impartial' my **** Can't find an emoji for bed-mates!! !!). Here's as brief a run-down as I can do to put you (and others) in the picture as to what brought me here, before I formulate a proper post to start with, as I'll need to act fast as my nephews 'involvement', along with the Ombudsman's ruling, has left me in a vulnerable position and open to npower's next underhand/sly move:- 1) 11/08/2006 I was signed-up on the doorstep for dual fuel by a very slick and persuasive salesman and believe they started supplying me about 6 weeks later around the 20th September (that's when my Annual Statements used to run from once I started getting those - though there are missing ones and the last one I got had moved the Annual Statement to April, which I feel is important evidence of their underhand/unlawful tactics connected to the sculpting issue (seasonal price fixing/weighting) as well as their very own practice of creating "tariff years" Who knew, eh, that there was anything other than a full Calendar Year which meant Annual ~ i.e. From the date they 1st started supply if that was 20/09 one year to 19/09 the following year and continued until the end of the contract. Or, for that matter, that Quarterly billing could mean 2 months, 1 month, 6 weeks, just over a 3 months, just under the 4 months depending on npower's interpration of 'quarterly'. 2) As I'd been on my previous suppliers password scheme for a while because both my adult daughter (22 at the time) was vulnerable with learning dificulties, as was I having been diagnosed with PTSD in 2000 following getting caught-up in an attempted armed robbery on my local both PO (we were both on DLA), I got onto npower as soon as the supply started and told them about our vulnerability/circumstances and asked to go on their password scheme. No problem they said and even told me to assure my daughter that if she was on her own when the meter reader called she wouldn't get into trouble if she didn't feel comfortable letting him in even with the password....How kind! (more about that later). 3) There was problems from the start in that I was being billed by 3 energy companies (npower for both, BG for gas and ScottishPower-Manweb for Electric) but, everytime I contacted npower they assured me they'd taken over the supplies correctly and to only pay them, though from memory there was a delay with the the electric before I stopped paying SP-M (having got out of debt years before and cleared my credit record, and didn't want to risk that, though they did end-up paying me back about £56 just before my daughter was killed, with Electric being my lowest bill at that time, though I've always been a relatively light user for both, particularly from March/April-September/October and sometimes even later...a hardy northerener and fairly frugal, too!). 4) Then my daughter was killed in May 2007 (she was hit on a pelican crossing down the road from our home, when she suffered catastrophic head and brain injuries, along with other injuries, and her life support had to be turned off the next day ). There then followed a 3-4 month Police Investigation, following which the CPS let us down because they would only charge the driver with Careless Driving (a summary traffic offence of going through a red light...which the driver maintained was on green for him until the last minute...That's 'Justice' for you...rather than Death by Dangerous which the Police had always wanted it to be); that was then followed by a harrowing inquest; after which the driver appeared in the Magistrates Court in front of a District Judge who outright told the CPS it should have been a D by DD charge and asked why wasn't it (never got an answer); and that was finally followed by my FLO allowing me to see the case file of evidence for his 'exit session' with me at the Traffic Policing Headquarters (I'd only been allowed to see or know of very limited evidence up to that point, though the driver and his Solicitor had been allowed to know everything about my daughter to build his 'defence' (he even blamed her as soon as he knew she had learning difficulties, saying she ran out from near where she landed...she didn't...her body had been thrown in the air, after her head had shattered his windscreen, and she'd landed 50 yards from the crossing...Horrific ). That was the 5th November 2007 that I had that exit session and a few days later, I flew out to Portugal to stay with my 2 sisters and BIL for my BIL's 60th Birthday but, before I left I signed up for paperless billing and to manage my account on-line. 5) That's basically when all the problems started and I even ended-up with 2 usernames to supposedly access the same on-line account and was constantly in touch with npower either through their messaging system or on the phone (I've got lots of proof of this from my side, as I've got all the emails). 6) Following year (around Easter 2008, I think), when my sisters were staying with me, they persuaded me to go onto DD, as I was still all over the place following my daughter's death and was also trying to get away (escape) to stay with relatives, so it would be one less source of stress by ensuring I knew my bills would always be paid. However, it was then noticed that my dual fuel account hadn't been set-up properly, which was supposedly corrected and I also continued to have problems accessing my on-line account. 7) Then I happened to see this article in the Guardian (ironically the day after what would have been my daughter's 25th birthday) in February 2009 about an old friend of mine, Robert Bramwell, challenging npower over their billing system: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2009/feb/21/energy-bills-npower-payback Which was followed by one of my sisters sending me this article the following year (2010) in the October: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2010/oct/09/npower-consumers-ofgem In between these 2 articles I'd managed to meet-up with Robert, as well as talk with him a couple of times on the phone. He expressed his surprise that I was still with npower, as he had realised they were a terrible company, and uurged me to look closely at my bills. 8.) As I was still experiencing problems with npower's system and I'd also developed a hoarding/clutter problem following my daughter's death where I never throw anything out unless it's been carefully checked, I knew I had the bills and even the initial contract going back to the beginning but, I couldn't access anything on-line. However, the bills I did find I couldn't make head nor tale of so, started my first complaint about their billing system around mid-2009 as well as my first request for them to send me hard copies of my bills. 9) From mid-2009 to late-2011 I put in a successive series of complaints with them whenever I could, whilst all the time trying to find the 'missing' info amongst my clutter. During this latter process, I did find a leaflet and letter from October 2010 about their sculpting practice, as well as a reminder letter from November 2010 to take my letter re my payment (£67.69 - I remember during a subsequent phone conversation with Robert soon after finding this that he reckoned that was pretty high and he urged me, again, to ensure it was correct as they may have extracted more from me) to my local post office along with ID, when I would receive my payment. By the time I found these letters (over 6/12 later, if not closer to 12/12), it was out of time and I had to include that as another complaint, which to resolve they merely sent the payment straight to my bank account. N.B. Having just read @BankFodder's post (thank you for that, having seen your expertise with this dreadful company, I was hoping you'd pick up on it, and I'm truly grateful for your in-put as well as as everyone else on the site team and other Caggers) after returning to this, I'll go ahead and post (apologies for the narrative) and then summarize in bullet points (without all the narrative!) with the rest over the week-end. Unfortunately PTSD by definition is a normal reaction to abnormal circumstances and for a long time I've been saying to so many people (particularly professional services ~ Housing Association, Social Services, etc. ~ and latterly through my latest complaint with npower to them, too), "What part of this sentence can you not understand: 'I cannot take any more stress or trauma'?" Putting the earlier stuff down in narrative form (which I haven't done for ages) is all part of my own process of working through that stress which stays with me so, please don't feel obliged to go from this muddled account or even wade through it. It's there for the record for the sheer awfullness of this company who, as I've found is head meet brick wall, every time and frankly I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than have any more dealings with them.
  9. Hello All, I've been reasearching your forum for a while again recently and finally taken the plunge to join. I'm a bit (or a lot) naive as to the way forums work in many ways, though can get by with basics but, might need a fair bit of support as I get stressed easily (I have major PTSD problems 12 years ~ May 2007). But, I've seen you're very friendly, helpful and supportive, so look forward to getting to know you a bit more. I'm also a pensioner and have other health problems, which include fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome that is pretty debilitating and might lay me low for a while (i.e. I might disappear for a couple of days or more after posting, though obviously will try not to). Apart from that, my main problem is npower and something which has been going on with them for nigh on 10 years (actually almost 13 since I joined them in 2006 ..by which time I was trapped in their bad/chaotic billing system, equally chaotic DD system and appalling 'customer service'.. .they're the worst company I've ever experienced, particularly with vulnerable people, and imho their 'practices' border on criminal ). I'll post on that as soon as I'm able, after trying to familiarize myself with the site and its working, etc., though I do know now from looking at posts that I'm going to need to take County Court action against them very soon (they're absolutely ruthless in the tactics they've been using), probably starting with serious GDPR (and previous DPA) breaches, which are on-going and very recent. Think that's about all for now. GM
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