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  1. Thank you @stu007 for your understanding and for doing the #13 docs into pdf's and thank you, too, @dx100uk for checking in on the page ~ all your support is much appreciated. Apologies for not being on or there being no activity this past week. Unfortunately I've been laid low with a cluster of fibro spasms and IBS as well...mostly wiped my week out. When I could though, I've been converting files to pdf both for here (redacted) and ready for court and organising everything into different files on the npower usb stick I've got. It's a slow process though, as there's
  2. As for the rest @BankFodder please wait for my bullet points account and further uploads (I'm in the process of converting a lot of my files and screenshots to more condensed pdf thanks to reading one of your posts how to do this for free...but, it's taking time as I also have artritis in practically every bone in my body, as well as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, which affects my hands, and I have a lot of redacting to do). I appreciate your trying to get an angle on this and your keen to help me in the best you can but, if I keep getting sidetracked like this, it will be count
  3. Thanks for this @BankFodder 1. All of your #15 is npower's version, which is entirely based on lies, trying to cover their tracks, obfuscating, etc., etc. So, basically usual npower stuff. The truth is very different and I now have all of the documents I need to prove that in Court regardless of when or if npower eventually are forced into a position of complying with the latest outstanding SAR request in full (highly unlikely) or partial (remotely possible but, I've no doubt they'll resist and what's missing will be more valuable than what's there). 2. I can't do any of what
  4. It would make no difference to me whether they had implemented the ombudsman's decision ~ apologised and paid compensation (which btw is chicken feed) @honeybee13. I wouldn't have and didn't accept the ombudsman's decision, anyway, because it was totally based on lies and fabrication. Sorry, I keep inadvertently posting and then not being able to edit. To finish #11: I received an email dated 16th August from my nephew with a screenshot attached of the letter (addressed to me at his address, again) they'd sent I don't when. It's illegible, even worse with trying to zoom
  5. Sorry @honeybee13 kept pressing return with *Ctrl for a new paragraph (like I do on Facebook in comments ) so it kept sending. The short answer to your question "Have npower done what the ombudsman said?" is I haven't a clue, though they've certainly 'implemented' something, which is their latest appalling data breach by sending another letter to me at my nephews address (N.B. He's officially stopped 'supporting' me with this, btw, not that he was any more use than a chocolate fireguard himself in fact he said himself he felt he'd made the situation worse He definitely has ).
  6. Ho @honeybee13, Re the account number...Phew! Thank you for that...I'm normally pretty careful in redacting stuff but, did post this very late last night and then started working on...redacting some documents ......in the early hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep, which was in preparation for bringing you up to speed with everything. Re your question: that's what spurred me on to finally join the site: npower have been in so many breaches over the years, it's mind numbing. One of their latest series of breaches even involves the Ombudsman sanctioning t
  7. @BankFodder and @BazzaS Thank you for your responses ~ I take on board all that you've said, and can only apologise again for all the narrative. My nephew who's been [supposedly] dealing with this for over 6 months, unfortunately didn't have the experience and was consequently taken in by them and the way they 'operate', and he consequently let me down massively including through the Ombudsman this 2nd time: * 2nd Complaint with Ombudsman initially registered 11/04/2019 but, not registered properly until 15/04/2019 through their helpline (by this time my nephew, who was down a
  8. Thank you @uncle bulgaria ~ very much appreciate you moving it....I was only initially going to do a quick 'hello' and start a thread later but, then it just looked to blunt, iyswim?! Actually @BazzaS, I've had various advocates over the years who I've given my formal authority to ~ all ignored and/or by-passed by npower, even one being told back in 2012, which was after I'd been through the Ombudsman the 1st time, that "her role had finished" (at the time my PTSD was still pretty bad) and despite my sending a renewed form of authority as per her instructions to renew her autho
  9. Hello All, I've been reasearching your forum for a while again recently and finally taken the plunge to join. I'm a bit (or a lot) naive as to the way forums work in many ways, though can get by with basics but, might need a fair bit of support as I get stressed easily (I have major PTSD problems 12 years ~ May 2007). But, I've seen you're very friendly, helpful and supportive, so look forward to getting to know you a bit more. I'm also a pensioner and have other health problems, which include fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome that is pretty debilit
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