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  1. Hi, As we have been in lock down since march the courts are only now starting to look at the case.I have been told 6 weeks for the answer.
  2. Hi, Its in the hands of the courts awaiting a verdict.. Will let you Know the outcome when i do. Thank you M & M
  3. Hi HB, The letter reads, I am very sorry for the stress this must have put you under,we are very aware of trading standards and the customer rights.You have 30 days to return the car and after that it is down to the seller to refund or fix. At no point did i make contact with us the business .If i had they would have paid. This is not true i emailed and spoke to the owner. Hi HB, I forgot to say letter is not dated or signed. M&M
  4. Hi Bank Fodder, Just to let you know i wrote to Jordan motors about the faults and he is denying any of the faults as well as my emails and letters. I think it's down to the small claims court unless you have any other great help. Thank you so far .
  5. Hi BankFodder, I paid for the repairs because the garage i took it took didnt except payment from warranty companies and as i had contacted the warranty company i was expecting them to pay me. Also after speaking to the owner of the garage on the Sunday morning telling him about the faults i was expecting him to HELP and sort the problems as i had already explained that i was stranded without a car. After the garage had looked at the car and told me about the faults and put them in writing i wrote to the dealership telling them about the faults and still no
  6. Hi , sorry for the lack of response no internet. Garage is Jordan Motor House Ltd. Thank you for your patience.

  7. Hi,sorry .The Gararge is called Jordan Motors House Ltd. Is there any thing else you would like to know?
  8. Hi, Sorry been out the loop had no interenet,just catching up.Thank you for all your help o far.What do you advise now please
  9. Hi,BankFodder, Reply appreciate your help, hope you received my last note i sent earlier tonight. Just wondering the best way to proceed with my claim against the garage.Is it by recorded letter or a phone call.? Regards, MorkandMindy
  10. Good Evening Bank Fodder, 

    Sorry i haven't been in touch ,just got home from a 14 hr shift.

    The Garage is called Jordan Motor House Ltd.

    I have received an email from them saying that they didn't know anything  was wrong with the car and if i had told them,then they would have helped .

    A big thank you for your help .Do you think is best to phone them or send a registered letter with my demands.

    Thank you again. Mork and Mindy

  11. Hi , I purchased a second hand Range Rover 2004 plate 80,000 miles on clock for £5995 on the 4th july 2019. Car drove fine until the 3rd August lost all power and water leaking from the radiator called breakdown company to be told battery had gone. Jumped started home, emailed dealership that night , there was problem asking to contact me ASAP. Sunday the 4th August 2019 received a phone call to say that it was Sunday and to give him an hour and he would get back to me. No response all day. I spent the day trying to get a hom
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