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  1. Joined future comms in 2016 and at the start they were great. Paid my final bills off from EE and the deal they gave us was the best around! Then 2017 I had a call to ask if I wanted to lower my tariff which I did but didn’t realise it would renew for another 3 year contract. Then in 2018 due to my wife’s phone being knackered I asked them what deals they had in order to get my wife a new phone. I explained that I didn’t have my own business etc but they stated this didn’t matter it would just be a renewal. The new contract they offered came with a £28 manual discount each month and this is where my experience with this company started to go wrong. I haven’t received this discount at all since November 2018. They put the discount in writing because I asked it to be, then I have also had a further email in writing stating I should have this discount. Then I complained to plan and they also put this in writing. I have given up trying to speak to anyone over the phone as it’s just a waste of time really . I have requested a copy of my phone call where they stated in the contract agreement I would get this discount (again I made sure she stated it) . I still haven’t received this copy of the call yet and to be honest I don’t think I will. Well not until I actually get the ICO involved and they request it to be given to me which I am I the process of doing. Oh and also to add they have given me numerous excuses why this money hasn’t been paid, such as “the accountant has changed” “it will be paid in the first week of every month” “no actually the 18th” “we don’t have your bank account details” the list goes on. I have now given them my account details 3 times and still no joy. I think the only way forward now would be CISAS or small claims court. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. I even have a friend of mine who is with them and he is even worse off than me. update from the above also is that I complained to plan.com as stated and now they have come back to me and stated that: My colleague was with Future Comms at the end of last week looking to resolve any customer issues, I believe this payment will be made for you on 28th March. Kind regards we will see........
  2. Anyone had any luck with either legal action, CISAS or complaints to FC or plan.com?
  3. Hey all, new to the thread. I also have had a nightmare with this company. I’ve been with them for about 3 years now. At the start they were great but since I have upgraded in November they haven’t paid the £20 plus manual discount. When I first agreed the contract I ask for this in writing which I got. Over the months of complaining I have also had it in writing from another member of staff there. I have also complained to plan.com about this matter and they also have confirmed that I should get the manual discount and again I have that in writing. Over the months I have requested a copy of my phone call where I agreed the contract over the phone. This was because I made sure the member of staff would state that I got the manual discount. They have ignored my request on numerous occasions. I have sought advice from the ICO and I will be looking to complain through them in order to obtain this. I am currently waiting another 2 weeks when it will have been 8 weeks in total from when I first complained in order to raise a complaint through CISAS. To add I have a business contract with them when I don’t even have a business, I explained this to them and they stated that it didn’t matter. (This was years ago as the offer back then was such a good deal) I also reiterated this to them when I renewed my contract. plan.com stated they would get back to me with regards to my complaint and make it there priority which we will see but I’m not holding my breath. (That was last week) I just wondered if it would be best to complain to CISAS or another route?
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