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  1. Quick quick is with FOS. PDUK I just haven’t paid them anything for 12 months, but it’s still on my credit file until Jan. I don’t mind paying £60 to clear it.
  2. They declined that it was irresponsible lending so I disputed it and they declined again
  3. 12 months was the last payment. I’ll ignore their letters then
  4. I did, i haven't paid a penny to any of them for a year. i've got a complaint with the FOS for Quick Quid and I've got disputes in place with my other loans. My biggest one is a grey area, they say it's enforceable but I say it's not because they only have a online application with no signature. I don't mind paying small amounts the clear as i'm looking at getting a mortgage soon.
  5. I want to make them a small offer to clear my credit file. I haven't paid them a bean for a whole year. Prior to that only £1 per month. I'm hoping £60 will make it disappear. They offered me a settlement of £170 a few years ago when the balance was £340. Now its at £300.
  6. Evening all, Has anybody recently tried contacting this company via email? This email account.services@paydaycontact.co.uk bounced back my email which was receiving emails a couple of years ago. Cheers
  7. Sorry for late reply. The loan was taken out 9th Oct 2012 and defaulted 1st Jan 2014.
  8. Thanks, it was taken out between 6-12 months prior to the default date (I can’t remember exactly off top of my head)
  9. It was a nationwide loan which is now with wescot. Cheers
  10. Evening all, I've been sifting through my Experian credit report and on there I've noticed that a Halifax account owing £2500 was defaulted in Jan 2014 and marked as settled in Feb 2017 (nothing was paid or agreed to close the account). I have also noticed another account which is open with Cabot with a default date of Jan 2014 with the balance of £2500 (this is the same account as the Halifax one above). Does this mean that Halifax closed the account and is no longer enforceable? I does it simply mean they sold the debt on and is still enforceable? I have had contact from Cabot but they failed to provide a CCA so i'm not paying a bean anyway,but just curious as to what status the account is at. Many thanks
  11. Evening all, I’ve had a letter form Wescot chasing dough, to which I responded by not acknowledging the debt due to the original debtor being unable to provide a true signed copy of the CCA, and challenged them to find it. They wrote back to me with the same document that the original lender sent to me which was a credit agreement, with my details on it but it’s unsigned, claiming that the application was submitted online. Is this a valid CCA agreement and this enforceable? TIA
  12. Just before Christmas. Thanks for the help and input
  13. I have already sent a CCA request to link also. I think my last payment was June 2018
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