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  1. I was a Barclays customer, but been told that some RBS customers may have had similar experiences. I had a small building company, and to raise some much needed funds we put some building land on the market with our local agent in Doncaster. Barclays jumped in and INSISTED we put it with a company in Leeds. They didn't do anything for 13 months. No For Sale board, no advertising of any kind whatsoever, nothing, despite many calls and letters from me. After 13 months Barclays called in the debt and liquidated the company. After some digging on the Receiver, same guy as was employed as Est
  2. Hi, the Ltd company is now wound up completely. Was over 8 years ago. The bank had a charge over this acre of building land owned by my Mother. All my complaints have been in writing apart from the very first one. Will a SAR be beneficial in ant way or do you think it will bear no fruit?
  3. slick132. Thanks for your reply. The land in question was owned by my Mother, who as mentioned, passed away not long after this started, and in her will she left it to Myself and my 2 Brothers. we haven't executed this yet as Barclays still hold the deeds and we were unsure of what would happen regarding the debt being transferred into our names should we do it. The company was a Ltd company. I have no idea why GVA were appointed, but to me, it all seemed engineered, as if both parties knew what and what not to do, and for how long. Either Barclays instructed GVA to sit
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by an SAR?
  5. Thanks for the reply. First time using something like this so not 100% sure how I go about searching for the RBS people. When I say estate agents, they were supposed to be employed as that, but the company was an LLP one, GVA Grimley in Leeds. The main guy never even opened our file in the first 8 months. Had to walk out of a meeting at my house one day because i was going to hit him. When i got back he had left, and given my Mother £80 because he 'felt sorry I had lost my income' The stress between our family took its toll on my Mother and she died within a year. Like you
  6. Anybody else had something similar?? My small building company had a bit of a cash flow problem so we decided to sell some land. We had a site on the market with local estate agents for £750K, 9 years ago. Barclays insisted, and I mean INSISTED, we place it with a company in Leeds. They were reluctantly employed by us as estate agents in June 2007. By July 2008 they hadn't even placed a 'for sale' board outside or advertised the land in any way, despite angry calls from me. 13 months of doing absolutely nothing, and in which time, our debt to Barclays had increased by over £75K.
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