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  1. In that case should I send a statute barred letter for the ones I think are statue barred. I'm pretty sure thinking about it that the SSE one is not what should I do to stop resolve call knocking again?
  2. Ok will do thanks. I think I have a couple more with Lowell that they have grouped together I believe those must be statue barred by now. There is nothing in my credit file anymore.
  3. It's been passed to them from Jefferson Capital Aquisition LLC.
  4. I have an old debt from SSE that has been passed to Resolve Call. I had a knock at the door from one of their representatives. I didn't answer but they starting asking my neighbour questions about who lives at the property. Is there anything I can do to stop this happening again? The debt is not on my credit file anymore but I didn't think it was older than 6 years I think I may have more than one with SSE from two different properties, I honestly can't remember. Should I send a SAR to SSE?
  5. Apologies for my previous post, I've actually just found out that Resolve Call are not here for the cat debt but a different debt from SSE that has been passed to them by JCAI. I feel like this will never end! What should I do in this case?
  6. Hi, had another knock at the door today from resolve call I didn't answer but they spoke to my neighbour giving my name and asking who lives at the address. I feel so embarrassed I know they have no power but it's not very nice having someone knocking at your door. This is an old catalogue debt from about 10 years ago which is statue barred. How can I get them to stop? Should I contact them? I did try to contact Capquest who say they no longer manage the debt.
  7. I sent the statue barred letter to Capquest and their reply to it was to contact Resolvecall as it's now managed by them so should I sent another copy to Resolvecall
  8. Had a reply from Capquest saying that the debt is being managed by Resolvecall and to contact them. Should I send the statue barred letter to them?
  9. Had a letter from resolve call a week or two ago for a debt from Capquest for an old catalogue account, I mean about 10 years old if not more. It said not to ignore the letter or they would send someone round. I just ignored it as I thought it was just frightening tactics. Today I had a man from resolve call knock on the door! Fortunately I must have missed him but looking on my ring doorbell he then tries my next door neighbour and then a house opposite surely they shouldn't be doing that? And will he be back?
  10. I have received a date for the case. Do I need to be doing anything in the mean time or just wait to see if Overdales pay the court fee first?
  11. Great thanks. Overdales have stated a telephone hearing as preferred choice should I still put my local county court? Or say phone hearing as well
  12. Have received the directions questionnaire to be returned by the 6th of June. So I have to send a copy to Overdales as well?
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