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  1. Thanks for your replies. I think the last time it was used was in 2011 when it was opened. It’s still saying I owe £200 but Moorcroft have said they will settle for £60. Moorcroft have Barclays as the client.
  2. Hi I had a student account with Barclays with an overdraft of £200 it was opened in 2011 and stupidly I neglected the account because of lots of reasons including moving address a lot around that time. It is now showing as a default on my credit file with first default being last year. It’s really affecting my score and has now been passed to Moorcroft. Surely it can’t take 9 years to put a default on the account? If any one could help with this it would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the reply! So it’s a case of waiting for them to drop off credit file some defaulted in 2016 so should drop off credit file next year 2022? Does this mean Lowell can still chase for debt indefinitely even if no longer on file?
  4. I’m currently trying to improve my credit rating as looking to get a mortgage but stupidly got into financial difficulty a few years ago and have a few defaults on my credit file, most have been passed onto Lowell. Some are more recent but some I can’t even remember what they are for. If anyone could help with how best to approach these it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Received a letter a few days ago to say that the claim has been discontinued! Would like to say a big thank you for all your help and advice!
  6. Hi have received letter today stating that a trial date has been set. What do I need to do now wait to see if they pay the court fee? Should I be thinking about my witness statement yet? Thanks
  7. Ok will get onto that. So do I need to send Capquest a CCA? As they must have my correct address?
  8. Yeah I have moved quite a few times I have never informed them or next but seem to get the letters through after a while I haven't heard anything about this next account in a while and I've lived at my current address about 2 years.
  9. Do capquest use any other names? I made payments to some debt collectors and tried to set up some payment plans a few years ago when debts were mounting up, but can't recall making any payments to capquest. Just worried if I made a payment to one of there linked companies it might not be statute barred.
  10. I took the account out in 2007 and stopped making payments in 2009 when I became unemployed and could no longer afford to pay the account.
  11. Hi, I have received a letter from Capquest for a Next debt saying if i do not contact them within 14 days they will consider commencing court proceedings. What should I do? Should I respond? Any help here much appreciated.
  12. I also have another a few questions relating to another debt with Capquest! Shall I post on here or start a new thread? I feel cheeky for asking but am so grateful for your help, this ones not at claim stage yet just a letter threatening court action.
  13. Ok will have a read. Thanks for your help so far!
  14. Ok will get it sent of today! Then what happens next? Is it just a case of waiting for mediation to contact me?
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