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  1. Long story short, without going into details.... though happy to if needed... I submitted a defence to a claim against me by a plumber (though the debt collection agency did it on their behalf) in small claims court. The claimant had to respond to my defence by a certain deadline, which they didn't, so a 'stay' has been put on the case. As it was explained to me this means the claimant has to apply to a judge to resume the case. When I spoke to the court they said an application could be put forward any time in the future, so there is no time limit. So I have a few questions I wonde
  2. PARAGON INTERIOR FURNITURE LTD Company number 02392638 Registered office address Unit 2 Gtec House, Canning Road, Stratford, London, E15 3NY There is a coincidence, in that one of the Directors of the Paragon company seems to be based very near to myself and the tradesperson, literally 5 minutes walk away. That Director is also a Director of a company called 'Jaggal Limited', which is described as a 'Management consultancy activities other than financial management'. Perhaps the Jaggal could be the registered company that Bailey and Bailey operate under?
  3. Registrant Name: W Bailey Registrant Organization: Registrant Street: Unit 2 Gtec House Registrant City: London Registrant State/Province: Unknown Registrant Postal Code: E15 3NY Registrant Country: GB Registrant Phone: +44.2085030300
  4. That's right that's them. I still can't find a registered company name/number for them on Companies House. I looked up their domain registration details for their website on WhoIS, which seemed to correspond to a furniture company, but that might just be because they use one of those company secretary services which shares a location with them.
  5. Thank you BankFodder. I did exactly that, so that's reassuring! I got 3 quotes which came in at around £500, and made him a new offer based on that. He refused, but I transferred the money (£1240 out of £1740, so minus the £500 market rate) to his account. He made it clear he was returning it so that he could send a debt collector after £1500. I imagine the debt collector will only take on "debts" over a certain amount which is why he returned it. The difference is essentially £260.
  6. I've been searching the www for them and there seems to be absolutely no official record of them anywhere. Do I have a right to know their Companies House number? If I ask them for that information can they refuse?
  7. The letterhead says 'Bailey & Bailey Enterprises'. This is their website http://baileyandbaileyenterprises.com/. The person I have spoken with is called Wendy Bailey. The letterhead nor the website gives a company number or anything.
  8. I've called the FCA, but they weren't interested to be honest. They said unless my 'debt' was part of a credit agreement they didn't have any powers to do anything. And they said that the company may be operating other services (their website talks about loan recovery) under legal exemptions and there wasn't any way for them to know!
  9. Thank you!! They're based in Kent and calling themselves 'Book Debt Management Consultants', I don't know if that makes a difference as to whether they need to be FCA registered or not? Either way I'll definitely stop calling, and I'll wait for it to go to court, thank you!
  10. Bailey and Bailey Enterprises. In the letter they say "I must warn you that unless full settlement of £1,510.23 is received by noon of 17th March 2017 we will have no alternative other than to commence legal action to recover the outstanding debt together with such legal costs and interest as incurred and without further notice to you." I've not been through this before so I am totally guessing, but I'm imaging it'll technically be the tradesperson that takes me to court, with the DCA doing the paper work for them or something? Tradesperson has said they're unwilling to "bargain" and has
  11. Hi there, Thank you all for considering my enquiry. I will try to keep it as to the point as possible. I have sought advice from many advice bodies and a couple of solicitors but I'm receiving conflicting information and a friend recommended I try here. SUMMARY DESCRIPTION I engaged a tradesperson for a range of works which were quoted at £1740. The tradesperson completed some of the works over 2 days. On the 3rd day, the tradesperson was late and sent an offensive message. Based on the offensive content of the message I refused to allow him onto my property fu
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