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  1. They did indeed! It has not left the dealership, I am hoping that because they have not yet invoiced the finance company and I have an email from the dealer saying that a new agreement will be signed when I collect the car will make this a little easier. I don't think they are going to be easy work. I have had a read of the credit consumer act so I can reference it if needed. You have put my mind at ease a little,thank you so much!
  2. I am also going to send a letter signed for so that they have had it in writing as well, I have never seen this in a finance agreement before so I am a little concerned as to if I will be liable to pay for the car. I also thought the 14 day cooling off period was to withdraw from the financial agreement and to hand the products back. If that is not the case then I have fully misunderstood the 14 day cooling period. and it states this as the start of the contract, The type of credit. Hire Purchase Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974
  3. Your Right of Withdrawal entitles you to withdraw from the credit agreement by paying the amount of credit and the daily interest rate during the qualifying time period. Your Right of Withdrawal does not entitle you to hand the car back to us or to ask for the car sale to be cancelled. That is the part of the contract that I should also of added into the original post
  4. Which I have done, I have sent the email cancelling but my question is in relation to the part where it says I can withdraw from the agreement but I am not allowed to hand the car back and I will be liable to pay for it.
  5. Hey, I am after some advice. On Tuesday I signed a new agreement for a car with CLS finance (UCan car credit) I have not received the car due it needing a new MOT and 6 things repairing. The car was delivered to the dealership today. I have been told in email from the dealership that because the car was in for work they have not invoiced the finance company there for my repayments will not start from the date I collect the car (tomorrow) and a new agreement is signed. I have since sent an email of withdrawal to CLS as it is not financially right for me to take the car at this moment in time (my monthly outgoings will increase by almost £200 ) Looking through the contract I came across the below and I am wondering how legally binding it is with me not yet having the car, the fact they have not been invoiced and the dealership have said I will sign a new contract on collection. Any help would be amazing as I feel I may have a little bit of a battle on my hands with this one. Right of withdrawal You have the right to withdraw from this agreement, without giving a reason, in accordance with the provisions below. You must give us oral or written notice of your intention to withdraw froo the credit agreement before the end of 14 days beginning with the day after the day on which the agreement is made. Once you have given us notice of your intention to withdraw from this agreement, you must pay to us at our address shown in the agreement, without delay and no later than 30 calendar days beginning with the day after the day you gave us notice of withdrawal, the amount of credit provided under the agreement together with interest from the date the credit was provided to the day we receive full payment in cleared funds
  6. Hello, I just need abit of advice to put my mind at ease. 6 weeks ago I handed my notice in at my current employment as I had been offered a new, higher paying job. The week prior I had my appraisal and was told by my manager and director that I had preformed amazingly last year and they could not fault my work. Inline with my appraisal I was given a 5% pay rise(£18,000 - £18,900), this also fell in line with the support staff being given a 5% taking them up to almost 18,000 (all office staff were given a minimum of 5% to keep us above support staff) I yesterday found out my job was advertised at £19,000 - £24,000 dependent on experience. I read over what they had posted and NOTHING on the job spec is different to what I had been doing, in fact I was doing more in my job role, my job role was advertised as 2 separate roles yet when I started they combined them into one. They have just employed a male to replace me who has no prior experience doing what my job role requires, he is coming in on £22,000. I sat in on the interview with him so I know what he has done prior he is currently studying for a qualification that would benefit him in the future should the job role expand but looking at what is advertised, what I done and what he is being paid I feel like I have been massively kicked in the teeth. When I handed my notice in I told my director that I had been offered £22,000 and I need the money. He replied with £22,000 is a really good offer, good luck, I was then later told by my manager that she had tried to negotiate my wage and he said it wasn't worth it for my job role. Am I being completely unreasonable to feel slightly annoyed by this? I feel I wasted 2 years being under paid by almost £4,000.
  7. It was outside a tram station so I am hoping they would have operating cameras that caught some of what happened. I normally leave a safe amount of distance between myself and the car infront. The fact that I was going over a hill and he slammed on as i reached the peak it was hard to avoid hitting him. I hope a camera will have caught the 3rd car. Thank you for your help.
  8. I accidently went into the back of another car. He suddenly slammed on due to a car infront of him leaving me no time to brake properly which resulted in me going Into him. I don't 100% see this as being my fault as he should have given me more warning that he was going to brake! So that I could have prepared myself to brake. It looked like when I went into him, that he went into the car infront but they drove off. We exchanged details and I've contacted my insurers but can I claim for the injuries I've received? I've whiplash and a potential sprained wrist.
  9. I told Fowlers on Friday 20th that the car was faulty they collected on 23rd exactly 14days of me collecting the car from them. As I made them aware of the faults within the 14days Would this count ? All communication has been done via phone calls, but I have records of my calls through my phone bill. I also rang the garage where the mot took place as the faults were extensive. I rang the Manchester branch, Stoke head office and the After sales team all in regards to my car being sent back for repair.
  10. It is yes, the agreement has the amount of credit, interest, amount payable, and then my details and the details of my car - make, model, colour & reg
  11. they were not, I was told by Fowlers that I would have my car back within 14days of it being taken in for repair. They also gave me the curtsey car, so I felt no need to contact the finance company it was only last week that I made them aware of the problem as I rang them to make my payment. As I didn't make them aware within the 14 days does that affect my whole agreement and cancelling, even though I now technically have no car with them. I did pay for the guarantee on my debit card
  12. Firstly, on the 1st March 15 I was due to collect my first car from their Manchester branch, this was meant to be a Fiat Punto Grande 1.4 sports in black. When I arrived at the Manchester branch to sign paper work, I was a few minutes early so I rang to see if it was ok to go in and sign, at this point I was told that the car I was due to collect wasn't there, it had passed its MOT but then had a problem with the engine so they were unable to give it me but they would sort me out a new car. On the Monday (2nd) I was told I could have a silver Fiat punto 1.2 I was told this would be available to collect end of the week. Sunday 8th i rang head office who assured me the car was available for collection it has passed its MOT and I was able to insurance. I arrived at the Manchester branch to sign the paper work and collect the car, I met with the man from the Car Finance company who went through all the paper work with me, I signed all this and he showed me the car, I then went to the guy who works for you to sort out the paperwork on your side, whilst there I tried to tax my car so that I could drive it home, it was then we discovered my car had not been MOT’d the MOT paperwork with my car was for a Silver Astra . .. someone somewhere had put on the wrong paper work and allowed my car to be sent to Manchester without checking to ensure it had passed. I paid the £25.80 monthly fee to ensure it had its mechanical guarantee I was told my car would be given its MOT first thing Monday morning (9th) I was then told that the car would be DROPPED OFF at my house. That Monday I had nothing but trouble with your Manchester branch, I spoke to 3 different people INCLUDING the MANAGER who was nothing but rude to me and my mother down the phone, the phone was put down on us countless times as they did not want to deal with the fact that they had screwed up, after countless phone calls with Manchester staff who are rude and I'll mannered and the head office I was told by PETE branch manager at Manchester that my car would not be dropped off as arranged, instead I had to go an collect, I was told this as 5:45 that evening I then had to travel across Manchester to collect my car. I collected my car and left. Week commencing 16th I started to notice that my car was having some issues with the gearbox, my car was struggling to go into gear. As the week went on this problem got increasingly more noticeable. On 20th I got in my car and tried to turn my heater on, it was then I noticed that this had broken I had to drive around in a freezing cold car, later that day I put my car in reverse and it sounded like I as dragging a piece of metal under my car. I rang Manchester and I was told I had to deal with aftersales, I rang them and spoke to Wayne who said he would have the car collected and taken to stoke to be repaired, he would call me later that day or the Saturday to let me know if it was being collected Sunday or Monday ... that call never came. I then had to chase up after sales to find out when my car was being collected. After finally getting in contact with them I was told my car would be collected Monday 23rd and a curtsey would be dropped off. I was told I would know within that week what was wrong with my car. Monday 23rd they collected my car and dropped of my replacement. Now today I have been told my car is a complete right off !! Along with all the problem described above the steering column had gone and they would try and find me a new fiat.. . my 3rd. I rang the finance company - The Car Finance Company As I want to end my agreement with them and take my custom to a different dealership but keep the finance with the current company. The finance company told me I need to get Fowlers to pay the total amount in order for me to do this, I spoke to Fowlers who said the carfinance company have the pay the outstanding. What I want to know is .. . know I am no longer in possession of the car I originally signed for can I reject any future cars and take my finance else where, I have been told I will need to sign new paper work for a new car. What is the best course of action to take, I do not really want a 3rd car from this company on less than 2 months. I have paid my first months finance payment A £50 deposit for my original car £26 mechanical guarantee
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