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  1. Sorry for the later reply. Life seems to have spiralled with everything going on. I have been relentless with Parking eye, I got a friend of mine to offer a little legal advice, mock up a letter acting on my behalf (he is a qualified solicitor but mainly deals with bankruptcy ) He asked for all documentation relating to the claim made against myself, all court paper work and evidence that this was posted to myself at the time. They were unable to provide half of what he asked for, he has since replied asking what evidence they supplied to the
  2. Hello, I am just after abit of advise. On 21st May I got my car serviced, this was done through a company that acted as a "3rd party" for garages. When the car was collected I told the man that when the engines turns on the car will shudder, he assured me that it will be checked during the service and if they find anything they will contact me. It gets to lunch time and I get a phone call saying my car needs a full oil reflush and top up, along with my break fluid needing to be drained and topped up - it would cost £400. I said no. That was all tha
  3. I emailed the courts before writing the original post to request a copy of all paperwork. Ive been told it could be a 10 day response. I haven't moved since 1998, I've searched all my saved docs (in the past 5 years I tend to scan and save all post that is deemed important) I have either not received the original paperwork or god knows misplaced it perhaps. As I have previous said in my "confusing waffle" I didn't know I had a CCJ until checking my credit file. It was only from searching my emails I found the ones from Parking Eye threatening t
  4. I dont remember receiving a claim form, they mentioned a claim form "follow the instructions provided with the claim form, wherein you may make payment or submit a defence" I am guessing this would have been posted out? Can I request a copy of this via email? I didn't know I had a CCJ until I checked my credit file, no paperwork has been received for that. When I am on my laptop I will upload what little documention I have. I've just logged into their online portal to screen shot the pictures of my car and surprisingly the images are no longer available.
  5. I am trying to sort a mortgage out and I have been advised that although it shows on my credit file it has a slightly better impact if it is settled or satisfied instead of being a default, I can then also get the certificate from the courts when it is paid. I was hoping that there was an official organisation to lodge a complaint with, I hate that these companies think they can talk to you like s**t and get away with it. They put in an email " we refuse to correspond with you further" and the stopped all communication without actually accepting or denying my offer of 4 payments,
  6. I done both of those things. I firstly tried to fight the initial ticket as I thought it was a Manchester City Council parking space as it was 4am in the morning on a October when it was pitch black and their parking sign was not lit (in Manchester you can park free between 8pm - 8am) they rejected this. I then offered to pay the £100 in 4 installments of £25, as I said above, they rejected this. I had no job at the time due to health reasons so as I explained to them paying the £100 in one lump sum was not an option for me as I didn't have that disposable income. The
  7. The have already issued it to a court and the CCJ was awarded, which is why I have offered the two payments in April and May to have the CCJ "satisfied" I am now back in employment so in a position to clear this off.
  8. Hello, I am incredibly sorry for not replying back in January, I have been poorly so dealing with this matter was not a priority but as I am now in isolation I thought what better time than to deal with all outstanding problems. What documents did you want me to send over? Hope you are doing ok during this difficult time!
  9. Hello, I am just after a bit of advice. Last year I received a parking ticket from Parking eye, I disputed this at the time and it was rejected as I have read they very rarely admit defeat and cancel parking tickets. I received a "settlement" offer from them for £100 I explained at the time that I had just been made redundant and I was unable to pay the £100 in one lump sum but I was more than happy to pay over 4 months of £25 to have this matter taken care of, their emails back were shockingly rude and they denied the offer, they even included in one ema
  10. Finance agreement I have found an email chain with the dealership regarding the £300 payment and what "costs" it apparently covered. Finance agreement.pdf
  11. I am unable to remove all my personal information from the PDF doc, I am not comfortable posting all my personal details online for the world to see. I can however screen shot the agreement from the finance company. I have also found and email that I sent to the dealership as they wanted to keep the full £300 to cover costs of drivers, box fittings ect. the email details what was discussed with them on the phone.
  12. The finance company have said that the £300 was paid to the dealership, which is why the partial refund came from the dealership and not the finance company. When the £150 was refunded I did question the dealership and they said they were keeping the £150 to cover the costs of the pick up of the car and to cover the wages of the sales staff that worked on my agreement for me then to decide I didn't want the car, it was viewed as wasted time on their part. This is why I have asked about the claims part, shouldn't the dealership have made me sign something for me paying
  13. With it showing on my finance agreement I thought it had been paid to them. There was never anything documeting that it had been paid to the dealership. They processed the £150 refund but i assumed at the time it was on behalf of the finance company. Shouldnt there have been something that said it was paid to the dealership, a receipt maybe?
  14. I contacted the finance company and recieved the below response, the £300 deposit does show on my finance agreement with them.
  15. I did ask the dealer for the deposit back, they returned £150 and said the other £150 is to cover the cost of the dealership having to go and collect the car. They are adamant I cant have it back, I asked for invoices ect for the costs that were incurred to collect the car, these were never provided. I have no signed agreement with the dealership. Which is where my confusion lies, if the deposit was paid to the finance company, are the dealer legally allowed to keep half as it was never intended for them. The £300 deposit shows on my finance agreement. Would I be was
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