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  1. thanks for that. No contact number was provided on the correspondance, I have emailed as outlines. As always, thank you for the advice.
  2. Ill check the letter from them and see, They provided an email address, but I was sticking to the always communicate in writing rule.
  3. well, It was the 22/4 when i responded to the letter, no response as yet. Are they still bound to the same timeline? or is that just for the initial reply? Thanks
  4. Thanks Dx. I did put the account number and addresses in my original request. I’ll just give that information back again.
  5. I have received a response asking for more information, and proof of Identification (expected, Will scan drivers licence blanking out DL Number on return) However the more information for the scope of request is whats confusing me. I sent the standard SAR template as advised, including only my previous addresses, so what more would they need / want? SAR-RESPONSE.pdf
  6. Ok. Thanks for this. will come back around when needed
  7. Ok. But it says that the SAR request must be signed? I will just send it as is, with a list of previous addresses. If they need to verify my identity then they can reply to say so. Noted on the rest. Will draft up a letter to coast informing them of my change of address. Everything else is up to date and correct. appreciate your time, hopefully I get a correct outcome this time.
  8. Ok, That is the post ive read, however doesnt give an advice given my particular circumstance. I will restart the process today, in the hope that something comes back inside the 30 days, so I can finally get some motion on this. The only other question I have is, are KPMG likely to pass on my new address to Coast? Thanks
  9. Thank you. I did send welcome finance a SAR, C/O KPMG, But did not receive a response. I have however moved house roughly a week later and again a number of times, and believe now to be settled. re-directs were in place, however nothing was received My question now is. Do I start the process again? Can I resubmit the SAR request as per this link below (sorry the older links appear broken) Is this still a valid template I need to enclose a copy of Identification, is a driving licence ok in this case? Is that a good idea? (CTAX doesnt exist here in NI, and our RATES are in joint names) I have this printed and ready to go, will send recorded delivery to get a signature, would just like some feedback on the above before I progress.
  10. That I can arrange. Thanks again. It will be posted this weekend.
  11. Sorry I have. Council TAX is not applicable in Northern Ireland. Thats why the term did not make sense.
  12. Perfect. Thank you DX. The address I was using was incorrect. Ill read that now However what do you mean by CTAX bill? That is not something I have ever knowingly had? Thanks again
  13. Hi ive looked into the Land Registry in Northern Ireland and can’t see a way to do this online. I’ve tried calling a few times but had to end the call before I got to speak to someone. move the letter to Welcome ready to go, I’ve listed all addressed that I’ve lived at so they should have no reason to miss anything off. However I’m struggling to confirm the address it should be sent too with welcome no longer trading. Does anyone have the correct current address? Also, is the £10 fee still applicable? And if so is a postal order the right way to go? I’ve never owned a cheque book. Once that comes through I’ll sort both Coasts and welcomes and upload. The most accurate address I can find is below, however this was from around 10 years ago. So I just want to check that is correct. I have also added the line in to the SAR template "I have listed all addresses from which we may have dealings. This is to assist you in confirming my identity, and collating any documentation related to my account. The information provided by yourselves should be in no way limited to these addresses" - Does that sound acceptable? or is there simply no need? My reason for adding this is because I only have the account number for the most recent secured loan and not any of the previous. If this is not required then I will remove and send as is. My final question would be, alongside whether the £10 fee is still applicable, Do I need to include a stamped addressed envelope for them to return documentation to me by? Data Protection Compliance Manager Welcome Financial Services KINGSTON HOUSE CENTRE 27 BUSINESS PARK WOODHEAD ROAD BIRSTALL BATLEY WF17 9TD Once again, Thanks for your guidance
  14. Sorry I’ve moved house a few times in the in between and there’s every chance I’ve forgotten in the in between times. I’ll go back over the thread and re submit. And thank you for still taking the time to help, even though I seem to be making it as difficult as it can be.
  15. I did remember two requests but asking can see from this thread it was some time ago and a lot has happened in between. I am more than happy to do it again tomorrow just to make sure and have everything 100%
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