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  1. Yes I have, Through 4 addresses including the house I live in now, which the secured loan is registered against.
  2. Ok, Thanks for that. Ill move it to the top of the list and get on with it over the weekend. Thanks again Bob
  3. Fantastic piece of information there. Thank you. Ill stop the contact by phone once I receive the first set of documentation from them that ive requested to outline the previous payments and payment schedule for the rest of the loan. Ill also, Next time they call (expecting it to be tomorrow) request that all correspondence be in writing from this moment onwards and request a copy of the original consumer agreement (although I would hope it is contained within the previous request) Then over this weekend I will draft up the SAR letter, arrange the £10 Postal Order send that to their head office, and draft up another letter following your outline above, send it to the darlington office who hold my account and get them both in the post on Monday. Thanks again for all the help, It really is appreciated. Ive had my head in the sand for too long with this. I guess im also partly lucky though, being in northern Ireland there is no doorstep recovery, and they don't have a local office in Northern Ireland anymore
  4. And just leave it there at that amount forever? Surely the long term goal should be to get rid of them for good?
  5. Ill get onto the SAR request over the weekend to get all the information I can from them. I am 100% sure I have had PPI on at least one account, I specifically remember them telling me the only way they could give me the loan was with PPi as I was young and an apprentice so my job wasn't secure (13 years later still there) There are defaults showing but I haven't checked in the last few weeks to see if there is one from welcome for the recent missed payments, they are with other companies, and I am working off paying them as much as I can afford while still maintaing my priority debts. There is also a CCJ on there, However I have contacted the company that requested this judgement to confirm that this has been satisfied, They have sent both myself an the registar a letter confirming that it has been satisfied, and I have confirmed that it has now been removed from my credit report.(in the last week) Thanks for taking the time to reply. It is appreciated.
  6. Ive been a customer of Welcome finance for 12 years having unsecured loans up until around 5 years ago when I took out a secured loan, From memory it was around 22k (I have requested a breakdown of info from welcome so will report back with that) Paying back currently at £250 a month until this month and last when I had no choice but to miss the payments. Having discussed this with welcome I asked for a breakdown of the remaining payments, to which I was blown away to find out there are 178 monthly payments remaining at that payment amount. By my calculations I have paid them back approximately £15 000 with another 44 500 remaining. Im not in a position to up the payments to clear it off faster and pay less interest. Have I any other options other than to just keep making the payments? I haven't claimed PPI back on this account, im going to research into that now, however from the limited looking around I have done I believe I am past the time limit as with this loan being 5 years old my previous 3 unsecured loans will be at least 6 years old. Again the information above might not be totally accurate, but its what ive been lead to believe on the phone. Ill report back with more accurate information when I have it. So first thing first, Wait for the documentation requested from WFS, Then send in the information request along with the £10 as outlined in one of the threads above, and then start persuing the PPI aspect, However im wondering is there anything I can actually do about the loan? In the mean time, thanks for reading and any basic advice of what way I should move forward would be appreciated. Thanks Bob
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