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  1. That I can arrange. Thanks again. It will be posted this weekend.
  2. Sorry I have. Council TAX is not applicable in Northern Ireland. Thats why the term did not make sense.
  3. Perfect. Thank you DX. The address I was using was incorrect. Ill read that now However what do you mean by CTAX bill? That is not something I have ever knowingly had? Thanks again
  4. Hi ive looked into the Land Registry in Northern Ireland and can’t see a way to do this online. I’ve tried calling a few times but had to end the call before I got to speak to someone. move the letter to Welcome ready to go, I’ve listed all addressed that I’ve lived at so they should have no reason to miss anything off. However I’m struggling to confirm the address it should be sent too with welcome no longer trading. Does anyone have the correct current address? Also, is the £10 fee still applicable? And if so is a postal order the right way to go? I’ve never owned a cheque book. Once that comes through I’ll sort both Coasts and welcomes and upload. The most accurate address I can find is below, however this was from around 10 years ago. So I just want to check that is correct. I have also added the line in to the SAR template "I have listed all addresses from which we may have dealings. This is to assist you in confirming my identity, and collating any documentation related to my account. The information provided by yourselves should be in no way limited to these addresses" - Does that sound acceptable? or is there simply no need? My reason for adding this is because I only have the account number for the most recent secured loan and not any of the previous. If this is not required then I will remove and send as is. My final question would be, alongside whether the £10 fee is still applicable, Do I need to include a stamped addressed envelope for them to return documentation to me by? Data Protection Compliance Manager Welcome Financial Services KINGSTON HOUSE CENTRE 27 BUSINESS PARK WOODHEAD ROAD BIRSTALL BATLEY WF17 9TD Once again, Thanks for your guidance
  5. Sorry I’ve moved house a few times in the in between and there’s every chance I’ve forgotten in the in between times. I’ll go back over the thread and re submit. And thank you for still taking the time to help, even though I seem to be making it as difficult as it can be.
  6. I did remember two requests but asking can see from this thread it was some time ago and a lot has happened in between. I am more than happy to do it again tomorrow just to make sure and have everything 100%
  7. Ok. No problem. Will update shortly. from what I can gather however it does only appear to cover the current loan, but hopefully you, or someone else can make a better understanding than me. I will get it sorted and uploaded
  8. I’ll go back through and edit / redo, but I didn’t think I should leave pages out. I didn’t think I’d left any names in though. sorry for that.
  9. Yes, that looks about right, However it doesnt appear to be a £3 online service as per GovUK. Ill get on it. Thank you
  10. No every time I try to attach it it pops up to say that 1 file is larger than the 4,88MB limit and will be skipped.
  11. I dont seem to be able to compress down to 5 MB, Made it from 123 to 15, but not sure how to get any further. Also, that gov.uk website doesnt appear to cover northern ireland.....
  12. I’ll do that this afternoon. Thanks thats correct. The property is joint owned, but the loan is only in my name. The other party is a help to buy housing association so they would be second charge. This loan is only in my name
  13. SAR Attached. One thing I did notice, was that this from my reading only covers the current secured loan, unless Im missing something SAR.pdf
  14. I suppose they have asked for them to backup the information I’ve provided in order to make an offer of settlement
  15. Thanks for that. Ive scanned it all but at over 300 pages itll take a bit of time to redact all the relevant info. In the mean time, should I post in the bank statements and keep those motions going forward?
  16. Thanks for that. Coast are back to me again. Looking to up the monthly payments. I have the SAR sitting here, But to be honest I dont really know what I am looking for. They are saying that the payments need to be enough to clear the balance in the remaining term. (140 months) They have income and expenditure, and can clearly see thats its not affordable, and now want bank statements to back this up. The last year since I started posting about this has been difficult, so Ive had no choice but to put this on the back burner... Ive asked Coast for a settlement, just to get rid of this and move on with my life, but I fear any amount will be more than un affordable. I have been making a monthly payment of £55 for a number of years now, but that just doesnt seem good enough. I can also not afford to default on my current unsecured agreements as that will have job implications. Is there any advice or a guide on how I can move forward with this?
  17. I’ve finally got a copy of the SAR through from coast and I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but damn that’s a lot of documents. I’ll have to take some time to go through it all however is there a way I can get it uploaded for review without owning a scanner in this current lockdown? Or should I just wait. I hope you are all well!
  18. CRA file hasn’t updated to show the default date as yet. They only notified the agencies recently so I’m expecting it to appear on the next update. Loan in my name only. Property is jointly owned under the co ownership scheme mentioned earlier This although was rolled over loans, was the only secured loan I had ever taken with welcome. Previously were unsecured. hopefully that info will all come out from the SAR
  19. Thanks for that @dx100uk I’ll get that sorted too would it be normal that the mortgage agreement would not be dated? thanks bob
  20. Is it worth me then querying with land registry as to what charges are on the property? And if so is there a correct way to go about it? On the letter I received recently from Coast, it states that the default date is 18/2/15, so will still appears on my credit file which isn’t great, but not too bad. I’d be intrigued to see if that lines up with whatever may come after the SAR to welcome they have also enclosed a copy of the loan agreement for this loan, but not the previous from the roll overs. Along with that is a mortgage agreement (or so it seems) however it is not dated on this copy at least which is very odd. I have the SAR sorted and will post on way to work tomorrow and see what welcome come back with
  21. that’s what I saw earlier when looking for an address to send the SAR too. I’ll have a read over those threads, sort the SAR and hopefully something comes of it ive already read something about a CCA? That others have sent to Coast, but I’m not sure what this is or if any benefit, so will leave them for now as @dx100uk has said.
  22. @dx100uk thank you for the link about the SAR. I’ve had a quick scan and it’s very detailed, I will read it properly tonight and write up the request and post it off tomorrow should I be sending that to Coast as well? Or do I just stay as-is with them for now? Ive has a read over a fair few threads on here about Coast/Welcome but I didn’t find any that had a positive result/outcome. Most still seemed to be in discussion. I will read some more. one final thing. Is the address correct as found on google for where to send the SAR? or does it need to go to the liquidating company? thanks again.
  23. Thanks for that @BankFodder I’m not exactly in a rush, but very appreciate of anyone who takes the time to give some input. And thanks to @dx100uk for everything so far
  24. Yes. It would have defaulted more than 6 years ago. nothing is showing on my credit file as yet, just a notification to say that the account had been added. In that case I don’t have anything really to worry about here in that regard as the account already defaulted? In that case I struggle to see why they are reporting to the credit reference agencies, but ok. You would be correct in that regard. I have had some stuff happen that simply took priority over this, and then it was just forgotten about until Coast made contact with their threats of legal action etc. Id have probably paid to my arrangement for the rest of my life and forgotten about it. The interest is frozen and it was such a nominal amount. I take it that is no longer the reccomended first step to send the SAR to welcome since they have now closed? Can I still get some help here or so I need to seek elsewhere? thanks rob Sorry. Just to add. I haven’t been paying them the contracted amount. And the interest has been frozen on the account
  25. Im looking for a little (Or a lot) of help in 2007 I purchased a house under a Government Funded Co-Ownership scheme, then later in 2007 I took out a loan with welcome. (it had been refinanced a number of times over the years and now refinanced in to a secured loan) I couldnt afford the repayments, and after being young and stupid for a while I decided I would try and get my finances back on track, and made a payment arrangement with them, Which was fine until COAST took over the loan. The numbers - Original Loan Amount £20k (just shy of) Paid So Far £20,045 Balance £15,900 (&Change) Of which £10k is arrears. Since then, Ive gone back over the documentation with my mortgage company, and co-ownership scheme, and not knowing (and reading, young, stupid) at the time its prohibited to take out a secured loan on a property. The property is also substantially in negative equity.(valued at around 60% of original purcahse price) Welcome had these documents at the time (to the best of my knowelge) Coast have now made me aware that they may take legal proceedings to recover the debt, But Ive managed to get them to agree a formal arrangement for a few months. Ive also noticed they have just appeared on my credit file, so no doubt all my good hard work will be sacrificed now. Can they start reporting now that this account is in arrears? IE bad marks moving forward? Or only at the time of the arrears? My credit rating was just starting to improve too Since then, Ive got married, Moved out of that house, (its now rented because it cant be sold) and moved in to my wifes house. to whom I pay rent. (rental of the original property covers most of its own costs) and we have not long had a baby, so needless to say this couldnt have come at a worse time and Im a bit worried. Ive requested a copy of the original agreement from Coast, as I can not find the original Any advice on what to do or how to proceed forward with this?
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