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  1. Ok.....been in touch with a mediation company for the last few months. When I originally contacted them I explained the complexity about the deposit. They said they could mediate so I went ahead & paid the admin fee. Basically they rang the LL, he said he didn't have it & they have now said that theres nothing more they can do. So now I'm back to square one. Do I get in touch with a solicitor? Will it end up costing more to get the deposit back than its worth?
  2. How should I word the letter? He says we should reimburse him for painting but he promised us he would do it 3-4 years ago but he never got round to it....should I mention this in the letter?
  3. Ok been a week now & he's not getting back to me. The last text I sent him I asked him if he was willing to come to an agreement for the payment of the deposit considering he could reclaim it from the previous LL. What should be my next step? Should I text him back & say I want an answer as I will then be starting a claim or should I be writing a letter? thanks for your help
  4. I got a refund for PPI a couple of years ago from them.....would that affect insurance?
  5. it is a personal loan....are HSBC personal loans usually insured?
  6. When the lease ran out the LL didn't bother resigning a lease kinda just kept paying him monthly & he just left us alone
  7. Yes but surely I'm still entitled to get it back
  8. yeah I'm waiting for him to get back to me.....I'll give him a day or two to calm down. If not I'll start proceedings for small claims court
  9. We have the original contract from the letting agency with proof of deposit paid I think the problem with the LL is that he bought the property from the previous LL so not sure if he passed on the deposit or not Either way we are out of pocket £725
  10. Due to my wife being forced out of her job because of bullying & me having to quit my job due to a stress related breakdown I am down to my last month being able to pay loan back. I've got a debt with HSBC for £10000approx. I have the HSBC advance account, is this insured against loss of job?
  11. Ok so got in touch with LL He is saying that we should reimburse him for painting, carpet cleaning removal of furniture etc When we moved into the flat in 2005 it was not newly painted & the carpets were not new. My wife before we moved out said she would steam the carpets & he said don't worry about it. We asked him about the furniture whether to chuck it or if he wanted it & he said he would sort it out. 3-4 years ago he got the bedroom painted & the bathroom done up & said he would do the lounge & kitchen but he never did so he knew he would need to do these anyway surely he cant take our deposit for general wear & tear I have just replied to him asking how much he is willing to pay, so will wait for reply
  12. Im in Ireland now but the flat was in UK as is my deposit
  13. The Carpet Cleaners - thanks for the reply That's what I thought its not up to us to chase it.....do you know how I would go about small claims court seeing as I am now in Ireland?
  14. I moved into my flat in 2005 with my girlfriend we always paid rent on time every month. We paid £725 deposit to the letting agent. In 2007 we renewed our lease then after that the landlord just let us stay there without a lease. During that time the flat was sold to another landlord & he let us carry on the arrangement. We moved out in March & when we asked for the deposit he said either the previous landlord or the letting agency would have it. We checked with the agency & they said they gave it to the previous landlord. We told the landlord & he said he would contact the previous landlord & get the deposit back for us. So we moved to Ireland. Have tried contacting the landlord via email & text with no joy Do we now say goodbye to our deposit or is there anyway of getting it back? Should the last landlord have given is the deposit back? Hope someone can help Thanks
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