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  1. Comparing my case with lots of others the evidence lowell had was exactly the same as mine. Just luck of the draw. The judge didn't really seem too familiar with financial law, he took lowells word that one wasn't needed even though I brought that point up. Don't give in to them, if you can stand the time it takes to get to a hearing.
  2. The judge didn't really seem sure of the deadline, gave me a fortnight and when extended it to 2nd April. As soon as I get the notice it will be paid then it's done
  3. Yes will do Andy. I'm right in thinking that is paid before 28 days then no judgment will be added to my record right?
  4. I don't want a ccj on my record so I'm looking to pay it ASAP xx
  5. Hi guys well I lost. Judge said he had to go with the most probable and went with lowell. Didn't add interest which I suppose saved me a couple of hundred quid. The solicitor was quite decent really. Was over in around 20 mins. Not the outcome I wanted but at least it's over with now and I can stop constantly worrying about it, it had taken over my life! Thank you to everyone who helped. I set up a monthly donation a few months ago and I'll keep it up as this site is invaluable to the little person out there who has no or little clue o
  6. I just said we will see what the judge says then and left it at that. He did say if I wasn't to pop back in at any point to see him then I'm welcome to do so!
  7. Lowells lovely solicitor has just pulled me for a chat. Said they have a right to make a claim blah blah. Said they don't have to have a DN and it's upto the judge to decide The solicitor said they don't need a DN
  8. This is it then. The person who wrote the WS for lowell is definitely not the person who is here today. Wish me luck!
  9. Well it's court day tomorrow and I'm really trying my best to stay level headed. I'm just worried about the questions I'll be asked, hope I can answer them all. My main points are Did not comply to my cpr request within the specified time frame No default notice Credit Agreement - typed in details After yet another sleepless night night I'm just off to work, will truly be glad when tomorrow is over
  10. No I know, but I'll still have to declare it as part of my registration
  11. I've not been in my new job long but as part of my role I have to sign a professional declaration. At my interview they asked me if I'd got any court convictions etc. Had a bit of a revelation tonight and thought I'm the grand scheme of things what's the worst that can happen, I lose and have to try and scrape 2 and a bit grand together IF IT GETS THAT FAR AND IF I LOSE. Hopefully they'll discontinue and if not if it come to court I'll win I am a worrier and this whole thing has really took over for the last 7 months, so to give up now wo
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