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  1. liamuk

    Egg and Capquest

    not moved in 13 years, and I do remember Capquest wrote to me right at the beginning. Mind you they emailed me rather than post I would assume as the post has been none reliable due to Covid. Intrigued what charges are on there - but going to leave alone and just send DB letter to put to rest.
  2. liamuk

    Egg and Capquest

    So out of the blue I have received a letter saying I owe them £14,514.23 with reference to my old Egg loan and credit card. I had a loan taken out late 1999 for £3k and a credit card at the same time with a limit I think of £1500. I did default 2001 with Egg, and I remember Capquest chasing me. How the hell they say I owe the above though.... I know for sure no payments made since around 2007/8, and I can't remember even when this was on my credit file. So I sent them the statue barred go away letter? I wish this time last year I had
  3. Not moved at all so the same address. interestingly they (Bamboo) had not registered a default - only as missed payments before selling to Lantern. They have said its there final response so I have sent to FOS this morning.
  4. Have a loan with Bamboo - defaulted after 6 payments and the debt sold to Lantern. No court action or anything - just letters etc. fired off a IRL to them and had a reply... RESPONSE Following a thorough investigation, we have identified that there are sufficient grounds to support the claims that you have made, and so we agree to uphold your complaint. We will therefore agree to remove the interest and charges from the agreement and accept just the loan advance of £3,000.00 as the total amount repayable under the agreement.
  5. Mortimer Clarke have now said to me, with reference to my letter sent they have sent to their client and are awaiting a response (cabot).
  6. Well anyway i will send to FOS now....no doubt that will tske 6 months.... I will need to also see if i can get a copy of my credit report from when the loan was taken to dismiss their theory of no defults or payday losns.
  7. Yes true they have bought the debt from LL. So were they waiting for LL before moving with their court and lifting the stay..
  8. I never received a reply from my email to Mortimer Clarke on behalf of Cabot. However, the original creditor have swiftly replied rejecting my IRL, so the next stage is the FOS. I have to say they have said my credit file showed nothing to alert them to payday loans etc. I would like to see a copy of that. I assume Mortimer / Cabot will now spring into action now 'their' client has dismissed my IRL - even though I can send now to the FOS? Any thoughts?
  9. Just thought I would update this. Whilst Provident as expected eventually rejected the complaint, this has now been passed to the FOS. My friend has now received a letter confirming its going to be looked at.
  10. to update you i had sent a letter back to say the account was in dispute with the original creditor and IRL. I have not heard back to date. They had given me a month to respond before they proceed further with court action and paying the relevant fee to proceed. My thoughts to settle were, in line with the FOS if I were successful it would be; Payments made + Statutory interest 8% - Capital lent = £ balance outstanding Also to remove all details of this loan including defaults on my credit files. To be honest, w
  11. I have uploaded documents received. £2,941.40 is the debt. I chased Likely Loans up 2 weeks ago regarding the IRL and then this week received the attached - so was suspicious thinking I had woken them up. LL CC.pdf
  12. The letter is quite open - for example they attach a schedule of money owed, and include a cost of £22 for 'default judgement'. Yet when I check MCOL it only mentions defence received and no mention of default judgement. They also say 'If repayment arrangements are agreed the County Court action will remain on hold and we will not ask the Court to proceed whilst the arrangement is being adhered to' and I may need to sign a Tomlin agreement. Am I correct in thinking it is a begging letter and then they are discounting by 20% to try and resolve before they pay the fee t
  13. Hello guy's - looking for some assistance.. Took out a loan out with these guys in 2016, paid what I could and then stopped paying. Asked for help, and couldn't catch up. Last year Cabot and Mortimer Clarke came after me and issued a county court - I replied with a defence (October) and hadn't heard back - I checked MCOL and it just said defence received and that's where its at. I had requested the usual documents and never heard back. I assume that the Court had stayed after reading up, and I thought if they come back to me they would
  14. All payments were upto date and loans all paid off so thats one good thing. Loans were back to 2008 - not 2011 as I thought. I underatand that the actual loans paid out arent included...payment back will be the interest paid plus 8% interest? So we are going to try and workout from paperwork over the weekend. What I do know loans varied between £500 and £2500. Also weekly repayments were around £100 a week for around 6/7 years so thats 5k a year.
  15. Thanks DX. Just thought I would update the thread. After all this time, and out of the blue the FOS adjudicator have sent a letter with there decision and written to Provident to confirm their findings, and upheld the claim on unaffordability. they have said 35 of the loans were unaffordable and should not have been issued. They have told Provident to refund payments and 8% interest from 2011 on these. They have given Provident 2 weeks to either accept or come back with any evidence against their ruling and forward to the ombudsman if needed.
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