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  1. Thanks for the reply, Unfortunately I wasn't made aware of the situation until last week but it looks like an original fine letter was issued, last year, and subsequent reminders were sent but ignored as they we're addressed to me and I wasn't living at the address the car is registered to (as I passed the car on to my sister who was living at the address). A court summons was then sent but the magistrates changed the court date twice before issuing another summons for tomorrow. In the mean time we have sent them the document proving that it is now SORN and the insurance certificate
  2. Hi All, I have to attend the magistrates court tomorrow to discuss a SORN case and would like to know what to expect. Unfortunately the case relates to a car that is in my name but that I haven't used in the past 6 years; a family member had been using it since 2007. As I understand it the car was off road for about 6 months before being declared as SORN back in 2013. The car was insured during the time in question but wasn't MOT'd. Does anyone have any experience of this? How much of a fine am I looking at and what sort of court costs are involved? Thanks Biffa83
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