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  1. yea i will write to them , would i need to put you have 7 days to respond or would this be a bad idea? In holland the car is insured and not the driver and it was insured before i borrowed it so i didn't pay anything just fuel costs , which was a lot cheaper than running my car . thanks for your reply.
  2. slimm this is what i thought too, i will try and ring them once more and a letter to follow and report back. It definitely needs sorting out asap as i cant afford to insurance and tax 2 cars with no no-claims history, thanks for your response.
  3. it was a 12 month policy and admiral said i could be abroad for 180 days and then an accident happened and they cancel the policy, the costs for repair were a bit more than what the inspector reported . I borrowed a car as my car was costing too much on fuel. i'm paying double insurance because i can't prove my no claims and the car is now on a public road so has to be insured. is my no claims bonus wiped out because of the accident or can i still get it from somewhere. thanks for your reply
  4. greetings, i have a problem with admiral i took out a policy on december 2012, i was told i had 90 days insurance abroad and after this i would have to ring them to arrange cover on a monthly basis, after the 90 days i rang them and arranged 1 month and was told they would take it out automatically after this, also they took the money out from spain which i find suspicious avoiding taxes ect. at 150 days into it or 5 months i put the car on the drive, and used a different car, but then a woman decides to crash into my car, i rang my insurance to tell them what had happened and they cancel my insurance , the car was on private land and insured by them .and she admitted liabilty as no one was in my car therefore admiral cannot cancel my policy. i need my no claims bonus and they won't speak to me as im no longer a customer what do i do , as im paying double insurance now on a damaged car which the insurance pay out didnt cover the repair. i wish i didnt ring them now as they wouldnt be any the wiser, also they said i have commited fraud somehow, but that is also slander and can i sue them for this, i really am stuck as to what to do? if anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.
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