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  1. One more thing I need to add is my friend contacted the gas and electricity company and apparently the accounts have been paid for and are closed, so it is not a gas/electricity bill. If its not that then I really have no idea what it could be. Regards
  2. For now I'll follow your suggestions and not contact anyone. As a side note they have my name wrong in the letter. They have my correct Last Name and almost correct First Name. Don't know if that's relevant but I thought I should add this as well. P.S. To be a bit more clear an example of the name error would be something like John instead of Johnathan. Regards
  3. Thank you guys, I'll contact the gas / electricity company and my old landlord tomorrow and see what I can get from them. I'll keep this thread updated as soon as I know more. Regards
  4. My only concern is I am quite young and I am trying to build up a credit rating. Is this going to hit it negative in any way? Thanks for the swift reply renegadeimp, really appreciate it. Regards
  5. Dear all, This is my first time posting here. So I got this letter a day ago which is addressed to myself and one of my flat mates from University with which I shared a flat with. The letter has his name and mine and also has the address I used to live at up until early May 2013 as well as the address I currently live at. The letter states the following: Dear X (my name) Y (his name) We are trying to contact X Y with regards to a private matter. We have confirmed your address through a credit link obtained via a credit reference agency as being the same person wh
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