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  1. Ill reply by email and stand my ground then I think ?
  2. Hi , I received another letter this morning , it confirms they received my email offer of payment , but they are asking for income and expenditure lists , do I have to give them this information ?
  3. Thanks very much , very helpful , ill be back in touch to let you know what occurs , Andy .
  4. Thanks very much , I will look into it , do you think its worth even trying to contact Barclays ?
  5. Hi , ill check that , I offered to pay via one of there options , PAYPOINT , which gives me a cash option , should I just start making payments ? how do I check my credit files ? thanks for your help by the way !
  6. Hi , should I just wait for there email reply ? I feel I wont get one ! seems as though they just want verbal recorded ?
  7. Hi , no , letters came separately , I haven't spoken to BCW , and have blocked any dubious numbers related to them , I have emailed BCW twice , offering the same repayment as I paid to Barclays , but as yet have received no reply , im just worried to death that they will come and take stuff , car , furniture etc , really stressing !
  8. Hi , letter from Barclays says the responsibility for collecting the debt owing has been transferred to BCW Group Ltd , and that Barclays will no longer accept any communication from me and the debt must be paid in full .
  9. Hi , thanks , the letter from Barclays says they WILL NOT deal with me and have passed it to BCW ? shall I call Barclays you think ?
  10. Hi everyone , I have a problem , I had an issue with a loan from Barclays , 5 figure sum , I missed a few of the agreed repayments and the debt has now been passed to BCW , of whom I know nothing about . I have received numerous calls which I have not answered and also numerous txt messages . I have emailed them with the same repayment offer I had with Barclays but have had no reply . I have had a bad year , divorce , ill health etc , although I know this is no excuse , but things got on top and I just didn't pay Barclays . Im not sure what to do ? can anyone advise please ? many thanks .
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