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  1. I have tried to talk to the management company but they want nothing to do with this and keep referring us to the DCA. If I pay the management company directly, do I just pay it into the account and ask them if they accept it? I would really like to find out if the DCA have actually brought the debt so now they own it? If I ask the DCA do they have to tell us? Here is an email they replied to me.. . Very vague (just ASAP) when asking for an action deadline + when questioning them regarding the detailed breakdown of the 2x £655.80 "Cost" e.g. what was involved, how many man hours and material cost etc . Then they just asking us to pay. Dear Mr XXXXX, Thank you for your email. As stated below, our Solicitors have now issued claim forms in regards to both sets of arrears. The cost of preparing and issuing Claim forms is £655.80 on each file, these are costs relating to the time spent and preparation of the Claim against you. You can make payment via Credit/Debit card where there will be a fee of £2.35 for debit card or 2.85% for Credit card or we can accept payment via BAC’s or Cheque. Please advise how you are looking to make payment? As the files have been sent to Court payment is required ASAP to avoid further action including our Solicitors requesting Judgment against you. Kind Regards,
  2. Yes so far pretty much all the communication are done via email. I will be picking up my mail tonight from the rented out flat to see if there is actually a claim form. At the moment, I am looking to make an offer for paying off part of the service charge that I duly owed (about £3000). But nothing else ( including outstanding service charge of the previous owner) unless they can provide proof/invoices. If I make an offer and they reject it, can I revise it or they can make a counter offer?
  3. Hi du100uk, thanks for the reply, that's why I found these charges quite puzzling... Checked my Experian credit report, it says nothing about CCJ and my rating was as before. PDC said they have send the claim form to the court but have not taken any further action yet to request a judgement. May be that's what the "court fee" comes from? Is it possible to just send the paper and not actually file a claim? P.S I also have no idea what "PDC Fee" means. I have asked them to clarify and provide invoices/proof of the actual cost. Along with all the other fees/cost they added.
  4. Hi all on CAG, Sorry about the header, while it is not majority but it is still over 40% of the total! I am new to this forum and have been doing some reading for the past 2 days. I have been contacted by Property Debt Collection Limited (PDC) for 2 years worth of Property service charges on 2 accounts which amounted to around £3900! (a quarter of it was not owed by us but by the previous owner). However the total was taken to £6300 due to various charges (which means about £2400 or the charge is about 70% of the original debt was just extra charge!) Here are some of them listed out: Debt Referral Fee - £120 x 3 (it was charged twice on one of the account) court fees - £120 x 1, £95 x 1 Admin Fee - Late Payment: £30 x 2 PDC Fee- £150 x 2 Costs- £655.80 x 2 Solicitor Fee - £80 x 2 I am concerned the most about the "Costs" part (that's all they put on the statement) which amounts to £1310! My question is: are these charges legal or enforceable (from my reading so far, it seems no to most)? Any advice on what to do next as they are pressing for payment and threaten to get court judgement? Any help/recommendation is appreciated.
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