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  1. Thought i would give you an update. Today i got a letter from the bcw group stating they are closing the file as it's statute barred and they wont be writing to me anymore. There was one strange thing on the letter though in that they stated they had contacted hfo capita l and they had informed them the date it had defaulted was 01/05/2007 which i found very strange as the last payment i had made was december 2004. I wonder where they het their dates from, i thought it would of defaulted about 2 months after my last payment. I am glad they will finally stop s
  2. I dont have an address for HFO capital ltd as i havent had any letters from them directly. Where can i fin out the address to a copy of the letter to them?
  3. Have just written the statute barred letter and will take it to the post office tomorrow and send it recorded delivery.
  4. Thanks for all your replies, i havent made a single payment to them since the one i made in december 2004 as early the next year i had to stop working due to ill health and had to go on benefits so never had the money to pay them anything. So it is deffo statue barred then for a couple of years at least, cant beleive they have only just started sending me these letters this year. Will give me great pleasure in sending them the statue barred letter but will have to see if they do leave me alone now. I checked on noddle and i cant see anything showing up on th
  5. Hi, i wonder if you could give me some advice. I have recently received a letter chasing me for money from buchanan clark & wells on behalf of a barclaycard debt sold to hfo capital ltd. The first letter i got was asking if i was the person named and my old address. I ignored that letter then they sent me another letter dated 11/04/2013 which they stated was a formal demand. I ignored that letter as well. The next letter i got was dated 15/05/2013 and was a settlement offer which they said they would accept roughly half the original debt they were ch
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