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  1. Hi Guys. I had the very same problem with the debt recovery agents for Sallie Mae. After some extremely useful help from this site they seemed to back off. My credit score via Clearscore seems to be OK although there are other credit score companies so I will see if it flags up. I have had absolutely no more contact from either Drydens or Arrow so I am hoping that this mess is all over now. I hope anyone who took out a loan with Sallie Mae gets it sorted out and then able to move forward with their lives. One good thing is that they can never take away the qualification I gained through the loan. I will keep you updated with any news. Kind Regards
  2. Greetings and salutations! Great to be back, I didn't realise it had been so long. After I had sent the various letters they sent me back some photocopies of the original agreement from Sallie Mae and (if my memory serves me correctly) they said they would temporarily suspend any action against me. This was a few years ago now and I have not heard anything since!. This is either one of two things, a calm before a storm or they have finally stopped. In your experience which of the two do you think has happened?
  3. Hello, I had exactly the same problem with Sallie Mae and other various debt recovery agents. I was lead to this post from the post that I wrote back in 2013. How did this one end? for me, I have not heard anything from the agents for a couple of years now after I followed the advice from this site. I recently looked at my credit score via ClearScore and the Sallie Mae debts do not appear on it.
  4. Hello. I am the original poster for this thread. I really appreciate all of the help and advice that I received from this site. As it stands I have not heard anything from the recovery agent after following the advice that I was given from here. That was a few years ago now as now it is 2018 and still nothing. The debt is now 11 years old. I recently looked my credit score with ClearScore and non of my Sallie Mae debts do not feature on it.
  5. This is strange situation as it is a loan that was not taken out with the student loans company but rather a specialist company who provided professional studies loans for Masters degrees. The company (which I believe is American) stopped providing loans in this country and just left people with no clue what to do. It was only after about three/four years of hearing nothing as also seeing that other people were in the same situation as me that I then started receiving letters from a debt recover company in Scotland (Total Credit Financial Services. It was passed onto another Drydens and then Arrow. So it has been passed on a few times from pillar to post. It is for this reason that I am unsure what the actual start date is and also if the debt after seven years is state barred with it being passed on?
  6. Ahhhh I see, it is definitely the way that they perceive it to be a very common occurrence and one that can be actioned at the drop of a hat. I most definitely my naivety as this is the one and only thing that I have ever had trouble with, it is very new to me. Well this debt has not had any payment what so ever and it has been passed on about three times to different debt companies. Sallie Mae (the original study loan company) no longer operate in this country. Would the last deferment date be the last time it was passed to a different company? Is this why different companies buy the debt to keep is from being State Barred?
  7. I think with all the scary debt culture and the programmes on television like 'Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away' it looks like a very ruthless business and I do get very scared about the whole situation. Its not like I have lots of assets to take as I live a very simple life. Does the time start from when I signed the original agreement which was in 2007?
  8. Ahh ok no worries. How come they do not see this fact and admit defeat? Well hopefully it is out of the timeframe and state barred. I did initially take out the loan in 2007. As yet no claim form. They won't be ruthless and send the bailiffs round will they?
  9. This is true, the only letter I have sent them is the CCA request. I didn't hear anything for about three years due to Sallie Mae not operating in this country any more. Should I wait for the 'Specialist' third party to make contact. How would I go about investigating the statute barred?
  10. Even though I have had contact with them? What do you think I should do next? Wait for the third party to contact me? It has been nearly a year since they have contacted me. The only place I think they could have got the original agreement from is either the college or another debt recovery company. I am back in full time education and not eating any money at the moment. Its only a one year course.
  11. Hi guys, I hope all is well. Its been a while but finally I have received something through the post. Its a letter from Arrow global 'In response to a request for copy documents under section 78 of the consumer credit act 1974'. They have enclosed a photocopy of the original agreement from Sallie Mae from 2007, i think they may have got this from the university as Sallie Mae no longer operate in the country and it looks like the agreement i signed in 2007. It states that they are looking to outsource the account to one of their specialist third parties to manage on their behalf. In bold it states 'Please note that this is not a formal acceptance of your offer and does not constitute any kind of agreement to an arranged plan. Also it states that the third party will contact me in 'due' course. There are three Debtline suggestions they have noted National Debtline, Payplan & Step Change Debt Charity as well as the Citizens Advice. It then finishes with a correspondence address which is a PO Box number and 'Your Sincerely' Arrow Global (which someone has signed with a 'AG. It has been a very long time since I last heard from them and I am extremely worried about where I stand. Many thanks for reading this and I hope you can help.
  12. Hi Guys, I hope all is well and you have a splendid xmas and new year. Many thanks for all your help and advise in 2013. I have now received a nice colourful letter from 'ARROW GLOBAL' with a bit 'Notice of Sums in Arrears' and it reads --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr We are writing to you because your account is defaulted, and Arrow Global Limited is obliged by law to send you a Notice of Sums in Arrears at least every six months, even if you are making regular payments. As your account is defaulted, the full balance is owed to Arrow Global Limited. Please find below your Notice for the period of 1st June 2013 to November 2013. All payments and correspondence regarding your account should be directed to DrydensFairfax Solicitors who are managing your account on behalf of Arrow Global Limited. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It then goes to show different coloured boxes with different amounts and information in them. This is the only correspondence I have had for a while after I send them the templates you provided for me. There is no final demands or anything of that regard so I do not think I should worry about this letter. I have not received a letter of this nature before.
  13. Hello quick update. I received a letter on the 10/10/13 from ARROW GLOBAL LIMITED ------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Mr DEBT OWED TO Arrow Global Limited ASSIGNED BY Sallie Mae (ACCOUNT NUMBER ********) We thank you for your letter dated 17/09/2013 and note the content. We have acknowledged your request for documentation pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 in our letter dated 18/09/2013. As previously advised we do not accept that we are the creditor as envisaged by the above statute and therefore are not obligated to provide you with the documentation you require within a limit of 12 days. We are, however, willing to assist in obtaining that which had been requested and have contacted the originating creditor to process your request for documentation. We will revert in due course. Please be advised that your account is on hold and we can confirm that all collection activity has been suspended pending provision of the documents. We trust this is satisfactory to your requirements. Yours Sincerely. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is this a stalling tactic? Are they still trying to get the original documentation? Many thanks
  14. So some of the information they would have to get from 'SALLIE MAE' who now only operate from overseas and have ceased trading in this country.
  15. Ahh so they are buying themselves a bit of time. What kind of documents could they create themselves? Would I have to send CCA's to the potentially new people who the debt is sold on to? I am kind of happy that their bluff was called. I thank the good people of this forum for the help and advice!
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