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  1. Hi, thank you for you're reply. He has only just started doing this, to be honest this is just one of the issues we are currently having. The enforced holiday was a short notice shut down due both partners going on holiday, although this was at the start of our holiday year he still paid even though we had not accumulated enough days. He only informed us the week before Christmas that he would not be paying for holidays in this period if we hadn't accumulated them. This was a Christmas shut down so we had no choice, he also stated that we would shut for 2 weeks, using 7 holidays even though ou
  2. Hello, I have been searching for information regarding holiday accrual. I have searched the forums and found one reference to this situation but I think the info given is now out of date. My employer has decided that we are not allowed to take annual leave unless we have built up sufficient holiday entitlement. I understand this is usually the case in the first 12 months of employment but I have been with the company 8 years now. It meant that 2 members of staff were not paid for any holidays over Christmas, due to not having sufficient holidays from an enforced holiday earlier in the yea
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