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  1. Hi, I took a loan for £400 out with Toothfairy in September (I had taken numerous before and reloaned but had enough of wasting money etc...). I am now trying to sort this mess out and almost there except for this terrible company. I have paid back £400 so far. The original total amount to pay back was £472. Though it's very late paying it back I have given this company so much already I just want to pay them another £72 to close it and be done with it. The problem is they are saying their fees are adding up to another £850 on top of the amount I have already paid and Marshall Hoares are calling and emailing a few times a day. What I want to know is if I pay Toothfairy £72 and ignore them from now on can they pursue me for the rest of the unrealistic they have added on? Any advice would really help as I'm nervous they will pursue it to court or add on an enormous amount of extra fees. Thanks
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