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  1. i have just checked equifax which shows the debt with the same dates do you think still not send a letter?
  2. Hi, Thank you for your advice, yes the debt shows on my checkmyfile report as may 2007 last contact, it also states this will be no longer reported from may 2013. do you think its time to send a letter?
  3. Hi everyone, i have received a letter from ruthbridge yesterday asking me to contact them, so i contacted them not thinking much of it, it turns out they are asking for payment for a 6,000 loan from when i was young and stupid! which i made my last payment may 2007 but i have not made a payment since as i was not in a good place to at this point and nobody has contacted me until yesterday. apart from this i have no debts and was agreed a good morgage back in march of this year which i thought was the start of a whole new life. please can someone advise me of the b
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