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  1. Yes they changed the original default date too on this one. 2010 was the original date by first DCA. The new Default ends in November which is close enough now. It was statute barred too by all accounts. Both Cabot and Lowell have done this. Passing accounts back and forth too.
  2. Many thanks for all for your help. I’ll see what I can unearth from that link too Andy, much appreciated. It’s just a never ending battle it seems. Having looked at my file again I’ve found that despite achieving a court notice of discontinuance on another historic account with Lowell, they still haven’t removed their entry either. Very demoralising! regards, Jackie
  3. Can anyone outline the correct steps to take in order to stop Cabot and other unscrupulous DCA’s from continuously renewing Default dates in order to a keep a statute barred debt on file? So far complaining to TransUnion hasn’t helped and contact with this DCA is futile. A 9 year old debt was again renewed last year by this method.
  4. No I didn’t need one on this occasion as I did it myself. My contribution here was to encourage and reassure this member undergoing the same issue of a successful outcome by following the steps you and other CAGers have recommended. Sorry if that’s not allowed.
  5. I received a letter saying mine has now ben discontinued and all action withdrawn. Good luck with yours too.
  6. I've successfully had a Claim discontinued using the exact stages recommended by Andy and DX. They are outstanding individuals in the fight against these dreadful DCA's! Good luck. 'L' will likely pull out at the eleventh hour but mean time try to fob you off with bank giro slip copies as Contract proof lol. Stand your ground! Also my Letter Before Action actually came AFTER the Money claim. They can't even get the pre-action protocol right. Another thing they tried was pretending to send papers that looked like they were from the court for me to sign re: Claims Track.. Boxes had been pre-checked by them to dupe me into signing their preferred action. I printed out my own and sent those to the court instead.
  7. How did you get on?..I have my day in court on Friday..Again they are not bothering to attend!
  8. Thank you for your reply. I am just waiting now. Payments just quote fastpay. No I can't remember at all. But activity clearly shown so I guess not SB. The contract and it's conflicting and inaccurate information, and declaring account up to date seem my best bet. I'll keep you posted though.
  9. Citi would not co-operate. Referred to Opus and they said it was in the hands of their client. I SAR'd Lowell. My Claim Defence was SB and no knowledge of debt or referral. They did not respond to the claim it is just sitting there on the system since April. There are several £1 payments on the Opus photocopies. There is no signed contract for ether card company. Sorry I should say the Defence is with Mcol. Inactive since my I filed it in February. Oh and a couple of other things. Opus sent the CCA to Lowell..Not to me. This was dated May 4 2016. Citi have not engaged with me whatsoever. All their paperwork has come from Opus and sent to Lowell. Lowell are now saying if I don't respond with payment proposals, they'll proceed with the legal action. Hope this additional information is usefuI The letter from Opus in May this year says.. "Your outstanding balance of the 4th May 2016 is £1085. Your account is up to date! It then goes on to say to refer to sections 2 and 3 of the current terms and conditions, which confirm when payments fall due. Then the actual CCA details say the account has a £0.00 Credit limit! How can any of this tripe mean anything in law???
  10. Also.. Just realised the charges and interest over the years almost outweigh the original debt. Can I site this and insist on a refund as the charges against OFT guidelines? As my defence was different, is it too late?
  11. Hi dx.. Can you believe I have only just received the SAR from Lowell? (Took them over 3 months) It looks like I am not out of the woods re statute barred. Last £1 made just under 6 years.. They are now asking me to contact them with payment proposals or they'll pursue court action.. Any advice what I should do next? Thank-you.
  12. Golly no I hadn't even considered a spreadsheet but yes I'll give it my best shot.. Charges are absolutely mind blowing, so yes that's an excellent idea. Thanks
  13. Yes we own workshop and as the loan was secured on it, they wanted the building protected. They charged £30 for being added to their block policy each year and £100 each year, for doing this..But then duplicated these same charges to a small secondary 5 year loan (Now paid up in full) but it only came to light when final statement released with outstanding balance. This was always paid on time. Challenged why there was an outstanding amount and this was flagged up.. This company are unbelievable!!
  14. They've sent a 'War and Peace' sized document of terms, contract and charges. They have offered some refunds of some charges..By no means not enough. However, they want us to officially accept their offer in writing and enclose a prepaid envelope. They then go on to say that we can't take this to any regulator as it is a commercial loan..?? Your thoughts please.
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