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  1. Unicom backed down in only 2 weeks - ** Excellent Result** Just an update for all those Elitecalls customers wrestling with Unicom. I'll keep it brief the arguements I used are listed as follows: · In law my contract is with Elite Calls. · I have not entered into a verbal or signed agreement with Unicom. · The Elite Calls terms & conditions are valid. · I have complied with Elite Calls’ requirement to give 1 month’s written notice sent by recorded delivery (clause 20.1). · General Condition 9.3 states that customers must also be informed that they are entitled to termina
  2. Hi RMJ Thanks for the reply. I have already spoken to Ofcom & the Ombudsman, & although sympathetic neither expressed any real oppinion as to which way it might go. (perhaps they mustn't) At the moment I am waiting for some form of deadlock or the 8 week deadline (29/08/12) Unicom seem to be delaying this process by offering ridiculous contracts with tight time constraints to just to increase the pressure & blurr the issue at hand. I've already told them I want a deadlock letter, perhaps that was a mistake? In the mean time when I am chasing for this I will rep
  3. I have an identical issue with Unicom as CAG member M1JWR (title 90days) March/April 2012. I.e. Unicom imposed their own contract after company merger. The information I am getting from Ofcom is not quite so clear cut, because 5 months has passed since being advised (identical letter to that quoted by M1JWR) it could be interpreted as acceptance. I can see from the thread that the 2007 Elite Calls contract is valid, and I have persistently advised Unicom to that effect. I have not agreed to accept the changes verbally or in writing. I cannot see whether M1JWR had a successful
  4. Good morning. Just a quick hello to introduce myself, and aplogise in advance for any beginners gaffs that I will inevitably make whilst learning the ropes. I will be putting a post on later regarding the Unicom/Elitecalls takeover contract changes shortly, when I have explored the site a bit more & worked on what I want to say
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