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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. so here is the story. I booked a train ticked for early feb, and wrote down the east Midlands trains booking ref instead of the collection ref in the email. This delayed me at the ticket office as my as i sorted this out, and so i caght the next train. This is how i received the unpaid fair ticket. now being a student in my final year i have been completely distracted with my final year course load, and dint deal with the unpaid fine. Stupid yes i know! and so, i am here a few months down the line with a handfull of letters from them and nowa court summons, after finishing the degree and coming back home to my home address, and now i a bit of a mess! the summons says under by law 18(1) if they means much to anyone? is there any more information needed? and ill try to fill you in, thanks so far richard
  2. Hi all, I was a bit shocked this morn to find a summons to court in the mail... im a bit worried and very concerned as to how to deal with it. I have only just seen these letters as i have been away at university, and unable to respond to the original letters from feb onwards. The issue has arrsien from an unpaid ticket in feb. im guessing its too late to challenge the proposed fine.... but is it also too late to settle out of court? any help and advice anyone can offer ill be much obliged thanks Regards Rich
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