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  1. I recently had a car accident that was the others party fault - somebody drove into my back whilst I was stationery. Other parties insurance accepted full liability. My insurance passed me on to a claims management agency who have provided me with a hire car and got the damage of my car assessed. Turns out my car is a category D write off. I have been told I will get a settlement cheque from the others party insurance and then have to hand the hire car back. I have also been assured the car will stay in my possession and I can get it repaired or salvaged should I wish to do so. I can't find confirmation anywhere that the car definitely stays in my possession, but instead read a lot online about having to buy the car back - does this only apply when you claim on your own insurance? And as far as I can see a Cat D does not require MOT retesting and would therefore be legal to drive. Would my own insurance still be valid (third party only) as I didn't claim on it, or am I likely to run into problem? I just want to make sure I am not missing something as my plan is to accept the settlement and get the repairs done cheap 9it's an old car and I plan to replace it anyway in 2 years). Thanks for any advise!!!
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