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  1. **UPDATE** Hi all, a quick update on the situation. I received a letter back from a senior manager on 27 April. The brief letter asked me if I was willing to meet in person to discuss the situation and included a direct number so I could speak to the manager. Finally arranged a meeting for 17 May, after the manager being on holiday or otherwise unavailable, and me being at university away from home for a few weeks. Any tips on what I should prepare for? The manager indicated on the phone it would be a tri-partite meeting between me, him and the security officer. I'm a bit nervous but cautiously optimistic a reasonable, proportionate outcome can be reached. Cheers, Alex b.
  2. Is it wise to put my name and address in the letter then? Alex B.
  3. PS: I just want to point out, that though at first I was asked if I was hiding items that I hadn't purchased - which I wasn't, said the guard could search me, and nor have I ever even shoplifted in the first place - the ban basically boils down to: a) the assumption that I am in the store to shoplift which is entirely unprovable, and b) a prejudiced character attack based on personal appearance and a subjective whim of the person watching me. Cheers. Alex B.
  4. Hi folks and thanks for the support. I've decided that as a first step I am going to write directly to the store manager, highlighting the case and how unreasonable it is, also mentioning that members of staff whom I went to school with would testify that I would never dream of shoplifting, and asking for a reasonable reconsideration of the ban. Does this sound like a practical first step? I don't want to go too far at this stage, I want to avoid escalation because at the moment there is a tangible chance that me and the store can reach a civil, reasonable solution. Cheers for the support. Alex B.
  5. Hi, and thanks for the fast response. My only concern is that dealing with the store seems pointless, the security guard also mentioned that a senior member of staff had asked him to come over and talk to me. Even going to their head office seems like it would offer the same outcome.
  6. I have just been banned from Morrisons for 'shopping suspiciously' in the beers and wines section. I often go to the store, and most of the time I purchase goods. This occasion I didn't as I knew that what I was looking for was cheaper at the Coop around the corner. I was approached by the security guard as I was leaving. He asked me if I was carrying anything I didn't pay for. I protested and said I wasn't, and said he could search me. He said he didn't need to, instead instructing me not to return to the store. Again I protested, but politely asked why this was. He said he didn't like the way I was shopping, and that I was acting 'suspiciously'. I asked if I could appeal this; he seemed surprised, and responded with a long explanation about the process, ie. contacting head office. Clearly he was hoping this would seem to complex and I would just accept the store's verdict. What makes me angry the most, is that they have presumed I was going to steal something - hardly innocent until proven guilty. If I had taken something, I would of course accept I shouldn't be allowed to return. I have never taken anything. I know some of the staff and they would agree that I never would. What also makes me angry is that they now presumably have me on a 'rogue gallery', again criminalising my character. This itself is a breach of my privacy and my ban is a breach of my freedom as a consumer. I don't know what to do, I want to take this further. Does anyone want to advise me on what to do? I was thinking of heading to the Citizens Advice Bureau as a first stop - appealing to their head office seems like a wild goose chase, and obviously would end with them upholding the store's ban. Cheers, Alex B.
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