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  1. I too get ridiculous calls from Vanquis bank from 0141 0161 0131 numbers all day and all night. Its pathetic. I have never spoken to them. Im paying the card off and will have a debt free card in 9 months.
  2. HiNew to the forum here.I voluntarily surrendered my property to the lender 2 years ago who sold it at a loss. The lender have now passed this debt onto a DCA who are chasing for it. I am making token payments and managing the DCA well - DCA dont really worry mel.However on my credit report my mortgage is now showing as settled and the debt does not show up anywhere on the credit report.I have asked the DCA to write it off due to my personal situation and am hoping they may do this.I am confused this debt of approx £60k is not showing on my credit file with any of the 3 main credit report co
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