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  1. Hi Guys! Needs an urgent advice! I am in real trouble. Today I had a CMD on the phone, Judge wanted to call off the prehearing for next week since the Respondent accepted my disability, but the counsel argued that my other claims for race/ religion are out of time. he also argued that I did not make an application for time extension, although I inserted a paragraph in my statement arguing that it will be just and equitable to hear all the facts over the years of employment. The counsel argues that there are time gaps in between various alleged acts of discrimination so those claim should be struck off. I argued that I am away from the work place for a number of years since I had no access to my papers, email etc to retrieve evidence of discrimination. On that basis I was arguing that Judge should allow my claims to forward to the full hearing. I am wondering if it is worth now to apply for a time extension. Can anyone tell me what's time extension is about and what sort of things I should write in the application for this?? I will be absolutely grateful for your thoughtful suggestion. thank you all in advance.
  2. Thank you very much Becky for your thoughtful comments. Its very useful! I am surprised that not alone my GP records and field experts report, in addition their own Occupational consultants report agreed and admitted my disability and even Occ. Con recommended readjustments for return to work. Earlier, they insists that they would require Occ advice in this regard prior to return to work and any further referral would a decision of the Occ Consultant. the consultant did not see its required. It looks like they went back on their words as the OH report not in their favour. Even Judge declined issuing the Unless Order for the reason that ' medical examination' was not expressly mentioned in the Order. In spite of this, i find it hard to understand why the Judge again ask us to make submissions in this regard. I wonder would it be a good idea to stick to Occ Health report, as a contractual binding...so no more examination! Please all comments or any case laws reference is highly appreciated.
  3. Hi I need your views urgently. i have always found opinions and views here very useful as you guys are not only knowledgeable kind also. At the moment, I am awating a pre-hearing for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. I had a CMD and two other PHR couple of months ago. The Judge has ordered a lists of specific directions for both parties, but the Respondents law firm continuously breaching the ET Order, and despite my complaints it appears that they are unrelented in their inappropriate behaviour. The Judge Ordered me to provide all my GP documents including specialists reprot as regard my 'Disability' for Respondent to obtain their own medical report based on my disclosed documents. Subsequently, Respondent referred me to be assessed by Respondents Occupational Health Consultant. On assessment, the latter agreed with my disability and recommended readjustments for return to work. Unfortunately, on receiving their own Occupational Health report, they came back asking me to see a private consultant instructed by them in order to obtain a medical report as above purposefully, misinterpreting the Judge's Order. I refused to attend such an examination as I was not required to do so as per the Order. In turn, Respondent applied for an Unless Order, but Judge refused giving the same and agreed that there was no express reqirement in the Order, but Judge says as this is now clearly a dispute' whether a medical examination is necessary' he asked both parties to give submission in this matter in the forthcoming PHR. i am surpised to that why has judge wanted to here a submission on the same matter when it was already discussed and agreed in the cmd that i have only to provide my medical documents to their specialist, besides seeing their occupational health for advice. Can a Respondent pursue the Judge by not complying the Order to reverse his own Order on the same issue?? I will be exremely grateful for any advicce, opinion or views form all of you. And i promise I will keep you update. NB. I am in notice period, ending in a month time.
  4. Hi i have always found opinions and views here very useful as you guys are not only knowledgeable kind also.
  5. thnx Becky. but I am not yet clear about this point above. I have been asked to provide a schedule by 22 nd next week, if I missed something and wished to amend how much time I would have to do that. particularly, I don't have a clear figure about my pension rights that I may have to inquire with the pay roll on Monday. If I don't mange to get correct info by then can I still amend my claim at a later date. Your opinions and views are highly appreciated.
  6. wonderful! @Ibruk. thanks a lot. no did not claim for personal injury..
  7. Thank you all for your thoughtful advice! I am wondering should I compile claim under discrimination like below: personal injury Injury to feelings psychiatric damages or they all mean the same???
  8. @ IBRUk. Just to clarify myself do I have to repeat sections 2 and 3 under all discrimination headings or it will be enough to say once???
  9. Wonderful!! indeed its going to be very helpful. thank you very much..
  10. thanks CiTi. I will do that.. would appreciate more views from all of you!
  11. Plz plz guys help me with advice or post me any previous link that dealt with ' SCHEDULE of LOSS'!! I do urgently need to provide a schedule of loss to my employer as the ET directs. I am sure you guys need some information as to my circumstance. I raised claims for unfair dismissal along with disability/race/ religious discrimination. I have to submit a schedule of loss next week. I was in the company for several year and was entitled to company pension. I will be very grateful for your advice. Thank you all in advance.
  12. Can someone help me out! I need an urgent advice! My employer wrote to me last week asking me to come to work in a lower position and let them know my acceptance by the end of the month and if I don't accept the lower post they will serve me the notice of termination after the deadline. Can they do this when i am on long term sick now for over 6 months due to stress caused by employer ? Besides, I have a recognized disability, although the employer is willing to explore any required adjustments but only once I accept the demotion. Is it legal to be dismissed during my valid sick note? Can i initiate an ET right away before the end of the month claiming an unfair dismissal? As I understand from there letter that my contracted post is no longer there and if I wish to continue with employment I can only do so by accepting a lower position i.e. under a new contract. I am on a permanent contract. Your advice is highly appreciated!
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