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  1. P.S i will also be complaining to this OFT as well, so that shall also be another complain against their name... i wish i never asked for their help now at all!
  2. Hi, Ive just been reading through all these comments due to WDA cleaning out your account... Im really sorry to hear that this has happened, unfortunatly im not going to be much help for you to sort the situation out as i am in a similar boat... I have been with WDA for a little while as i needed some help it getting rid of some bills which is now done. But now i'm stuck with WDA taking 700 from my account every month and forcing me to re loan all over again... I rang them today and asked if there was a way of me slowly coming out of the loan so i didn't owe them any money any more and they automatically started accusing me of not being able to make my payments each month and cancelled the application ide filled out for this month, so now i have 16pounds for the next 4 weeks The man and woman i spoke to at WDA advance had no sympathy for me at all... i explained that it wasn't the case i couldn't afford it because i can, i just wanted advise and help from them to know how to get back out of the loan, so as an example... i see you were paying 50 pound a month? they told me they did not offer payment plans at all, so they took their 700pounds and left me with nothing... After threatening them with legal proceeding, after they gave false advertised they could help if you were having trouble making payments or if you needed any help or advise and also of frauding people into thinking they will be looked after, when their not as all WDA advance want is their interest!!! The woman spoke to her supervisor and agreed to give me a small loan which still does not cover my travel to work or food... So i was wondering if you would be able to let me in on how you got them to set up a payment plan? Also i don't know if it helps but when they offered me my 'small' loan today she did say something about me not having to pay the interest next month until after december..? is this what they told you in relation to 'freezing your interest', if so your not the only one who has been offered this option, i declined the offer. WDAtwits
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