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  1. Hi thanks for your reply. I am asking LMC to fully explain this lending fee - exactly what it was charged for and also if any commissions were paid to brokers etc. I'm also doing the same with GE Money. ty again Fireflyer
  2. Hi thanks for your time and advice. I have spoken to my bank (visa debit disputes) - they have asked for a voucher from WDA - they sent this on the 4th Jan - they've not recieved anything back yet. I have printed the press release on OFT web site and have posted a copy to my bank and WDA. Also enclosed the two e mails that i sent to WDA which have never been acknowledged. I will take every measure i can to slap these ***holes back round their faces. thanks again for your advice Fireflyer
  3. Hi, thanks for your advice. I don't have any other accounts but i will look into opening a new one, if i can. The thing is really, if WDA win the day, i'll owe the money back to the bank (in full) anyway. So, i'm just going to cause grief with the bank if i don't return the money to them. I'll be chased and threatened by them next! I was wondering if there is any response i can send to the bank in writing to cement my case against WDA? OFT rules etc? Put pressure on the bank to in turn pressure WDA. They are a dishonest, devious bunch of people to deal with but the bank might have some clout against them? Ty Fireflyer
  4. Hi, my bank (visa debit disputes) have returned the money that Wage day advance took from my account. Good news in a way. But they have said that they are investigating matters with WDA and if they were within their rights to take the money, then the bank will take it back again. I suppose WDA will say that the terms and conditions allowed them to do this. I've sent e mails to WDA - no repiles, nothing. Any ideas what i can write to my bank? It's not the money, as such, anymore for me. It's the principle and the fact that i had an agreement with them to have interest/charges frozen and they took more than i owed because they denied we had this agreement. I want to write to my bank asap, any advice would be greatly received. thanks Fireflyer
  5. Hi I am about to start my claim with The London Mortgage Company for charges/fees added to the mortgage. This was a second charge loan/mortgage. It was redeemed in 2007. On the original credit agreement it states a lending fee of £2400.00 was added. I have been in touch with LMC - now Acenden. They cannot explain what this lending fee was or why it was added to the loan. However, they said if i write to them they will endeavour to look into the history of the agreement and try to find out. I have sent the letter yesterday. I am wondering if this is possibly a hidden or secret commission paid to the broker? I have received all my statements after sending in my SAR. Not sure if this is the correct forum regarding mortgage charges/fees claims? Thanks Fireflyer
  6. Be careful! I had a payment plan is place with WDA. And an agreement to freeze interest and charges etc. However on Xmas day thay took the entire lot plus another £100.00 interest. When i called them all i got was a very arrogant reponse (of course they were very happy they had just taken a lump of money) and was told i had not made an agreement to freeze interest and charges! Yeah right. Foolish me didn't get this agreement in writing - it was agreed over the phone. I've since been in touch with OFT and WDA who have simply ignored my e mails. No replies. Nothing. I've requested transcripts of all calls and subsequent conversations that have taken place - no reply. They think they've got the money plus a nice wad on top but i'm not going to let this go. Be aware, you are dealing with unsrcuperlous, devious and dishonest liars..............in my opion that sums up the vast majority, if not all, pay day lenders. Ask for anything and evrything you agree to put in writing. Whilst you owe them money they'll play ball. Don't pay them anything unless you have agreements in writing. Fireflyer
  7. Hi HJS, I haven't claimed anything back but i've posted a new post/thread earlier because i'm, at long last, going to start my claims. I've read so much stuff in these forums but i still seem tolack the self confidence and self belief to get on with these claims. I'm not the sharpest tool in the box! Fireflyer
  8. Hi, yes i have. My mortgage was redeemed in 2007 - i have statements from G E Money that show i was charged for debt counselling - on several occasions - it never happened!
  9. Hi, i've, at last, decided to claim back charges/fees added to my 2 mortgages with GE Money and The London Mortgage Co. I sold the house in March 2007 - both mortgages redeemed. We've had a few years of financial probs after the collapse of our business. At last we are getting back on our feet. I sent SAR's to both lenders in 2007. Don't ask me why the paper work that they sent back has been in 2 files ever since! Anyway, the statemets show loads of fees - dd failure, debt counselling (which we never had)!, solicitior's fees added several times at £600.00 + a pop (at one stage they were looking to reposses but because we were selling, the judge granted us time). Also, on The London mortgage original agreement is states a lending fee of £2400.00. Does anyone know what this is? I've been reading other posts and it seems there is such a thing as a commision to brokers. I'm wondering if this is what thislending fee is - a secret commsiion. If so, i've read i can claim that back. I don't have a copy of the original contract from GE Money - it was the I Group originally. Even though i've kicked about in these forums on and off for a few years, i'm not confident as to how to start/make my claims. I find all the legal jargon confusing and don't even understand half of the abbreviations. I think it's lack of confidence that has stopped me from starting these claims. But, i can't help but think it's worth a good go. I've been offered to hand everything over to a claims expert company. No win, no fee etc. It's tempting because then i don't have to worry about messing up etc. That makes me feel guilty though because so many of you have fought the good fight and not wimped out and this site deserves fighters to see these claims through. Where do i start? Any help, advice pls thanks Fireflyer
  10. can't help but wonder - all sounds too good to be tue!
  11. I've had the same thing happen with Wage Day Advance and i did have a payment plan set up with them. I've spoken to the OFT and they've given me a reference number to get back in touch with them - report Wonga to them too. The more complaints the OFT get about these companies the better. I've sent a recorded delivery letter to my bank's visa debit disputes dept stating that i did not authorise the money to be taken. That the amount was incorrect etc. Awaiting their reply. I've sent e mails to Wage Day Advance who haven't bothered to reply (wht should they!). I'm going to take matters as far as possible, not just because of the money but the principle of it. My advice is to get in touch with your bank for advice asap and then dispute the withdrawel via visa debit - ask them to return the funds. Good luck
  12. I hope you didn't fall for the extra £36.00 charge!!! If you were settling the whole debt, the ball was strongly in your court. My advice is to formerly right to the remainder. Send by recorded delivery. Also fax to them too, if you can. Keep notes of any times that you speak to anyone on the phone. You can demand that they do not make contact via the phone and only in writing, if you wish. Make sure that you have reported your bank debit card as 'lost' and got a replacement. Do not give these details to any of them again. If you make a payment plan with them, ask for their bank paying in details and pay the agreed amount that way. Make sure that your bank has no direct debits set up in their favour and inform you bank that under no circumstances are these companies to attempt to remove funds from your account via direct debit. Get this agreed and in writing from the bank. You can do no more than write to these companies with your proposals. Let us know how you get on. Happy new year!
  13. Sorry to hear of your problems with pay day loan companies. I, too, regretfully hit a rough patch and turned to some of these immoral companies for loans. Be careful. I made mistakes..........get everything you agree in writing. If you make any agreements to pay monthly amounts, state clealy that you make the agreement subject to receiving everything agreed in writing. I had a payment plan with Cash Genie. Suddenly they removed the entire debt from my account. According to them, i applied for a pay day loan from one of their 'sister' companies whilst in a repayment plan with them. Not true. I did not apply for any loans from anyone. I asked for the proof. No response. No proof. But, the money was gone. I've just had Wage Day Advance empty my bank account over Xmas. They rely on original terms and conditions even though you have set up new payment plans etc. And, you'll find that at any time they will raid your bank account and get everything they can. Then when you dispute this, the cock and bull starts about the terms and conditions. Wage day advance have in their T's & C's that they can keep your bank card details or, indeed, any method to take funds from you, at any time. Do not do what i've done and leave any funds in your account. The way i see it, they can't get blood out of a stone. Request that all interest/ charges are frozen. Set up payment plans that you can realistically afford. If they say it's not enough, then tell them that you've offered what you can afford and since they've chosen not to accept this, let matters proceed to court. These monkeys don't want to be seen in court, that's a fact. Good luck
  14. I have just been in touch with OFT. They were very sympathetic but nothing they can do! They have advised me to get a copy of the Terms and Conditions. If these state that Wage Day Advance can take full amount plus interest and additional charges etc then that is that. They advised me to contact them again and also they said the more people that contact them regarding WDA the better because all complaints etc are filed and it's not good for them to have complaints. I don't see contacting the police is a sensible route. Surely, this is a civil matter? No fraud, as such, has taken place. I'll write to Wage Day Advance - any ideas on a template letter to e mail/post to them? thanks
  15. When i was talking to the woman at Wage Day Advance this morning, I said to her that i had not authorised this payment. That i wasn't warned or told that this was going to happen and that i was reporting it to the bank as fraud etc. She was very confident and emphatic that this is in their terms and conditions. They've committed no crime whatsoever. She very arrogantly advised me to 'waste my time' by going to the bank, the police, whoever i want...........they have acted within their rights. I don't know what to do, where to start with this. If i didn't need the money and know that they have taken far more than i owed, i'd walk away before i wind myself up into a total angry frenzy here.
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