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  1. ok will do...........when i say 'date' they mean date the actual agreement was taken out but it hasnt got a date on the orginal. shall i just tell them that?
  2. Also MBNA has sent my mum a questionaire but one of the questions is 'what date did u take the policy out?' But there is no date on the agreement
  3. No we havnt got the statements. I have a letter here form 1st credit saying the PPI complaint has been forwarded to MBNA.....they also said MBNA would issue a final response but never did. the letter from 1st credit i uploaded has no return address and no details at all (as u can see) and looks very different from all the other 1st credit letters i have received. Im just very confused on what to do next?
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45768[/ATTACH] The attachment above was the letter confirming PPI is still active on the account and this attachment is the orginal argeement between bank and my mum. Please can u let me know if u can see these?? thank you for ur help so far
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45766[/ATTACH] right i think this is right?? argh
  6. First credit has the debt now as it was sold to them. When my mum put in a claim for PPI they sent the complaint to MBNA. As u will see form scans first credit said that PPI was still active......i will upload scans now. may take a little while to block all info on them
  7. Hi all, im writing this on behalf of my mum who is currently trying to claim back PPI. Has anyone heard of a case where the box for PPI hasnt been ticked but PPI is active on the account?? My mum has a letter from 1st credit stating PPi is still active on the account yet she received her orginal argeement today and the box for Payment Protection Cover was left clear?? Does this make sense. Also we noticed on the bottom of the orginal agreement her signature is there but there is no date which i thought was odd as surely every agreement from a bank should be dated
  8. Ok i will do that tomorrow Sue Thanks.......Oh by the way I got a 'Something for you' card from Royal Mail this morning, they tried to deliver a special delivery letter but I was out! I've got a feeling this is from R&R because I never put on anything that I live on the GFF but I did on the letter to R&R and on the card from royal mail it says GFF. xx
  9. Well the £50 isn't due until 19th so i was gonna ring them Monday and ask about it?? Do u think i should, really don't want them turning up again :'(
  10. im trying to phone to pay my £50 as usual but when i put in my reference number it says 'for levy enquires u must call our office' what does this mean?? after it has said this it hangs up the phone??? anyone know what this means?? x
  11. I have just received a copy of the LO from the council and no shock to me it has ALL 3 OF OUR NAMES ON!!! I know it wud, im gonna ask coucil for all original paper work!! thanks for ur help keep it coming xx
  12. i worked out that i think in the past they have charged me near enough £800 since oct 2009
  13. the council are sending me all the paperwork they have from 2007 so i will see then if they have me down as living there when i want!! no its just a coincidence that the numbers are both 4 lol, i really think its 4
  14. As far as i can see there have been 4 LO's and i remember at least 4 bailiffs coming to the property since 2009!! I moved in my first property April 2007 until July 2008 then we were in our 2nd property July 2008 until May 2009!!
  15. I have just found the original docs stating when the bailiff first came to us we had 3 files adding up to £1,141.59. This was on the 13-10-09. levy goods 1-black tv 1-silver dvd player 1-microwave 30-dvds 1-mobile phone 1-freeview box 1-dyson hoover!!
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