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  1. My insurances altogether is £43 per month. Yeah I think i will offer them that and see what happens, got nothing to lose really and if not ill just set a new direct debit up of £43 if I can. I feel better about the whole situation now anyway, cheers mate.
  2. postggj come online!! lol. £5.85 is pathetic! high risk thats made me laugh! Thanks for your advice mate.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply. Yes i have recieved confirmation by this letter it says i dont owe for the goods just £752 for the insurances. I think they probably did say they was compulary and tried to get me on ppi but couldnt because i was self employed. Do you know how i go about claiming for miss-selling? I have used my emergency breakdown twice though. I dont know if I should get it fixed then before I hand it back suppose its risky if not? but as you say they want to clear the cars. The guy who phoned me was from another company coming to collect the car, I assume he will take it straight
  4. Thanks for your replys guys, a man phoned me yesterday asking me when i want it picking up. I currently have a dent on the back door panel and a long scrath going accross the two doors. I dont know weather to get it done as its going to cost me about £250. Ive also recieved the letter of welcome and they say i owe them £752 for the insurances. I think this is about right but ****ed off aswell!! postggj can i accually claim it back for mis-selling? How do i do it if i want to? Also do you think i should cancel my direct debit now? What do you reckon guys?
  5. Hi, I've sent my letter off to welcome to VT i phoned them today to see what there playin at since they haven't got back to me. The man on the phone said a letter has been sent out to my home quoting the liabilty i'll owe. I said i've payed well over half and he went on to say i'll still owe them for the insurances. I didnt take out PPI but i have got shortfall extra emergency recover and mechanical breakdown. Will i still owe these? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. so after deciding to vt my car with welcome ive sent them a letter to the head office by recorded delivery. I sent it last week and haven't heard a thing. How long have they got to reply? i dont really want to pay my next payment which is at the end of the month. can anybody advice me on what to do next? thanks
  7. i dont really want to pay for the repairs though mate, if i turn up hand the keys back and walk off theyve got there car right? im at another adress so ill get a bad credit history and prats trying to find were i live? i can deal with that lol just as long as i dont get locked up. this company gone bust right?
  8. i know, i looked into it before and my best option was to send a ltter to them, pay for my damage and service, then have them pick it up and hopefully charge no more, i know this is the sensible option but im sick of these idiots i dont want to get it fixed and spend money on a new car. if i just dropped it off say tomorow or monday and canclled my direct debit is there anything they could do? i still owe around 4 grand. thanks
  9. hi, ive had a car from welcome, ive payed about 30 months into a 48 month contract for a hp car, i have damage on the car and need a service. if i took the car to welcome give them the keys and walked off what could they do? im not botherd about anything agaist my name i just want rid im sick of paying too much for a crap car and have a bit of money to get a runaround. im no longer at the adress welcome think im at and i know it sounds a little crazy but i want to do this. any advice on what the reprocussions would be would be appreciated,
  10. Thanks mate, yep its definatly a HP agreement and ive gone over the difference between a VT and VS on the phone, they tried to say they was baisically the same thing which I know is wrong, they said in both circumstances the car gets sold at auction and I still owe the remaining balance. I've paid up to date and even 2 grand over the 'terminate your right' figure. If you could send me a copy of the VT letter that would be great. Cheers for your help I think im going to get this damage fixed get a service and send the VT letter off and hopefully that will be the end of my problems!!
  11. Hi JJ, thanks for replying. I took out Shortfall and Mechanical Breakdown insurance, I couldnt get PPI because I work for an agency. The VT process that welcome explained to me is my car will be sold at an auction and the price they get for it will be taken off my balance which i will still have to pay. I can get the damage fixed for £200 which i am considering as i think welcome may charge more.
  12. Hi, After seeing all the complaints about this company I decided to make an account give mine and ask for some advice. Baisically ive been mugged off by welcome. Yep its my own fault i signed the stupid contract worst mistake of my life etc. I got a car for 13000 two and a half years ago, To date i've paid just over 7 grand. On my contact it says i have a settlement figure which states if ive payed 4,700 and have taken care of the goods i can hand the car back and thats that. I have damage to the car a dent and a scratch were it was keyd and havent accually serviced the car since I got it from
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