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  1. hey sufer01, thanks for the reply. im definitely contacting trading standards now as i wasnt totally sure if i had any case but i needed someone elses opinion. what makes it worse is i bought the car with money from an inheritance left by my grandma who i was very close to. i even considered paying him a visit but then id end up on the wrong side of the law. thanks again mate, Rob.
  2. hi all, i recently bought a car, 2nd hand, for £900. i bought it from not just wheels in nottingham who are a paint refurb company. i was given a receipt from 'richard *unt of not just wheels'. there were a couple of problems with the car i was aware of when i bought the car. on the same signed receipt richard promised to cover half the cost if it came to more than £40 for the repairs. i was quite happy as i thought this is a guarantee of this guys honesty. how wrong i was. after spending a few hundred quid on sorting a few problems, its still not completely sorted. i have contacted him to let
  3. no probs maroondevo, nice to meet you pal!
  4. hi all im wondering if anyone can help. i bought a car about 6 weeks ago, a V (99) reg car from a company called not just wheels in nottingham. the company specialise in paint, refurbs etc. but the guy also sells cars as well. i have an email from this bloke, richard munt stating that the car was 'perfect, mint' and other such stuff so i took a trip down (100 miles), turned out to be not quite mint and when i drove the car i heard a knocking which had 'only just started' (yeah right), coming from the front which he said was the engine mount. i also mentioned i could hear knocking from the re
  5. hey night owl, thanks! it started out as a pet name a few years ago (jellyfish scene from finding nemo 'i shall call him squishy and he shall be mine' with dory!) and as no one else seems to have adopted the name on anything ive ever signed up for it stuck! im just about to put up my first post, lets hope its a succesful one!
  6. initially id have been tempted to offer half as a gesture of goodwill as im almost certain that the invoice is in essence the same as a receipt i.e. a legally binding contract for the sale of goods. sounds like they have done something very stupid by falsifying that 'legal document' and especially your signature as that is a criminal offence. id now suggest you stick two fingers up to them!
  7. hi everyone! im rob, 30 years old from lancashire and ive joined TCAG because i feel ive been screwed and im hoping someone here can give me some advice!
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