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  1. Hi IMS, Looking at litigation as I have little/no faith in the FOS.
  2. Due to a new job, Mrs SAB recovering from Cancer and other day to day life issues I have not been on the forum much, however with life slowly returning to a state of normality and I have more time to devote to a couple of small battles i have yet to win. The first one and possibly the most annoying is a PPI claim against Currys, or should that be HFC. Brief summary. · Brought a TV in 2006 from Currys, Winchester and opted to pay for it under a Buy now Pay later deal they were running. · Was told PPI was not optional due to the value of the purchase and credit history,
  3. Until recently they were my first port of call if i needed a spare part, however after being ripped off on two separate occasions i will never use them again. If you have a problem with a seller (don't forget 247 Spares are just the intermediary) 247Spares do not want to get involved. Case in Point. I had a 2005 VW Golf GTi 1.8 Turbo and the auto dimming rear view mirror stopped working and after some self diagnoses and the power of the internet i concluded it was the mirror that was at fault and it needed to be replaced. I used 247spare to get a price for the part i needed and made it perfect
  4. Bosch and M.A.N make filters for most manufactures so i doubt very much that is the issue. What is wrong with the engine, snapped cam shaft, head gasket blown turbo?
  5. Heliosuk, I do not agree with your opinion but it purely that. Your opinion. At no point have a tried to pull a fast one and i certainly do not believe i have come "unstuck" as you put it.
  6. The issue with the DMF and Clutch was a separate issue and treated as such but i have mentioned it numerous times so don't see how i could have lost any credibility The warranty was a condition of sale and should have been honoured not withheld simple as, however this is a mute point as the warranty has be reinstated and after paying for an independent assessment the warranty claim was approved and the DMF and clutch have seen been replaced. As i explained to the other party. What really made me dig my heels in was the frequency of the phone calls made to both my mobile and landlin
  7. Hi Sailor Sam, It was directed that we pay our own costs which i didn't mind. Maybe i should have handled this differently but i tend to dig my heels under pressure and in this case, rightly or wrongly tried to negotiate a settlement instead of paying the amount it was claimed was owed.
  8. The purpose of a BUMP is to move your post to the top of the list
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