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  1. Any ideas on how to find when my account was closed would be welcome! Also, if I travelled to the UK and went into the branch, would I be able to get them to hand the documents over there and then?
  2. They actually asked for an employment record, but I wasn't employed (living off savings then HSBC overdraft for a few months), so I am assuming they will want me to prove what I was living on. Given my experiences of German state bureaucracy, it seems like a fairly routine request. Looking back through some threads I posted here a while ago, and a bunch of old letters I found, I see I was contacted by German debt collection agencies (not HSBC itself) at least as late as April 2012. If that was the latest contact, would that have any impact on the potential statute-barred status of the debt? How about contact with HSBC in-house DCA Metropolitan Collection Services in September 2011? It seems like the thing I need to do now is find out exactly when my HSBC account was closed. Can anyone think of a risk-free was of doing this?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a UK citizen living in Germany since 2010. I'm trying to secure my status here before Brexit, and one of the offices I'm dealing with to do so requires proof of earnings for a time in 2010 when I was living off savings with a UK bank (HSBC). I don't have records anymore, but I believe the account was closed in early 2011 by HSBC because I was using the overdraft without receiving regular payments into the account. (They were tough times for me ) I tried to contact HSBC to make a realistic payment plan but they demanded more than I could pay. There was later some attempt to recover the overdraft via German debt collection agencies but I was advised that they would have to use English law in a German court to enforce the debt, which would cost more than they could recover from the debt, so it was likely nothing would happen. I'm unsure when I last received communications from HSBC/German DCAs. Now my question: if the statutory limitation has not expired on this debt, what will/could happen re: the debt if I get in touch with HSBC re: obtaining old bank statements? :???:
  4. I'm getting conflicting advice on this. I know an ENglish guy over here who says he has some experience with debt law in germany and he thinks it could be serious. Gonna speak to a legal firm that helps migrants too and see what they think. I'll bring the advice back here for everyone to share. The company is called Bayerischer Inkasso Dienst (Bavarian Collections Service v roughly translated). Easily googleable and they have an english language part to the website if anyone wants to check it out (not sure about posting links on here). My impulse is still that if I do talk to them reasonably they won't be so interested in what I can reallistically pay and will make life hard for me so I hope what works in the UK works in DE also.
  5. So, it happened. Got a letter from a company in Bavaria wanting 2000€, of which 219€ is 'costs'. There's not much that I can do on the UK side of the internet now but I thought it would be useful for people to know that some people out there seem to be pretty serious about chasing this stuff overseas.
  6. Here's one thing that concerns me - in Germany, mail is only delivered if the name on the letter is also on the front door. Maybe they know this, maybe they don't. You're totally right about when and where to cross bridges. Just asking really so I can see the signs and recognise when a bridge has to be crossed.
  7. Just got passed onto Bluestone as speculated by horus upthread. What's the group opinion on sending the 'prove it' letter? This is an overdraft and not a credit card so I was wondering if different rules apply?
  8. HI gerson, never saw your response last time round, looks like some really useful information. I'm gonna set aside some time to have a real look over it.
  9. Just got another one of these which has contradictory signals. From Central Debt Recovery Unit BN11 2RD, which I guess is another HSBC sub department? This one offers a 40% reduction on the debt, which seems like quite a desperate move. However, they also claim "we intend to refer your account to a firm of worldwide debt collectors based in Germany who will contact you to arrange repayment of this debt." Got no desire to battle with this **** in my reasonable but not legalistic German. I don't know what they know about the German postal system but here you only get a letter in your postbox if your name's on the door. Maybe they know I've been receiving the letters? Hope this is just no more than hot air from them. My flatmate just walked in the kitchen and cracked up when he saw the 40% but it's always a bit different when your name's on the letter..
  10. Thats mate. I'll probably be back on here whenever the next one arrives, they still manage to give me the willies.
  11. You're always in the know! Does the fact that it's been passed on to them change my position at all?
  12. So I come back to this thread every time I get a letter. Can't help it, they give me the fear! This one, also from Metropolitan Collection Services says that they're referring the account to a company called DG Solicitors (no further info given) who will contact me in the next 14 days. Also "they have been selected to work with you to help understand your present circumstances and where possible, agree an affordable and appropriate payment arrangement." Anyone know what this means in practical terms? Does this sound like they're actually going to chase the debt? Or what they mean by "affordable and appropriate"? My fear all alon is that what they think of as affordable would seriously knock my life off track so I'm very nervous to speak to them without getting some advice over here
  13. Cheers. This is getting to be a regular cycle! Every time I get one of these letters my heart goes into my mouth and I get visions of a hoard of German beurocrats and lawyers battering my door down, then I come on here and feel a little more at ease again. Hope it all works out like you all report!
  14. Thanks for all your replies earlier. I've still not been able to make any payments and I received another letter this morning. Dated the 6th of October, arrived on the 24th! They say that if I don't give them £1245 by the 27th they'll want the full £1464. They say they'll transfer my account to "a local firm of lawyers who may take Legal Action." I wonder if anyone knows the significance of a 15% reduction? What does that sort of move usually prefigure?
  15. Great! Cheers and I hope your inklings about the sums involved are right
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