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  1. Received my letter yesterday from M&S bank. It says they are willing to write off the debt and will not pursue the debt further.
  2. I was very surprised, I really questioned the call agent, I will wait for the letter to see what it says. It is the only credit card that hasn't gone to a DCA.
  3. I have just had a phone call from M&S bank regarding the credit card I used to have with them, I have been in a payment arrangement since 2011. We went through my monthly incomings/outgoings and they have now told me they have written off my debt of £5500. I will receive a letter in the post. Has anyone else had this happen to them. I am in shock and I will not believe it until I see the letter.
  4. Hello. It is the college asking for the money. It is the same with my daughter, they are asking for the nursery back for the period she was at the collage, like you said up to the point she was not entitled to it. They have waived the other two terms. There is no debt collector involved. I intend to offer a sum per month that I can afford. It may not be what they are expecting though.
  5. Hi We did inform the college in writing she was leaving. No she hasn't spent the money, she had a career development loan that was repaid back to the bank. my question is if I agree to pay the college a set amount each month regardless of what they want me to pay can they still go to a court.
  6. My daughter attended a performing arts college whereby she was part funded with a bursary, she had to leave due to health problems at Christmas and now the college are wanting £2500 from us. I don't have this money to pay them all in one hit. If I offer to pay a set sum per month will they still be able to take me to court if they deem the sum is not enough.
  7. Hoping someone could give any information on these people. I have a friend who is paying off credit cards by a Debt Management Plan, he pays by SO every month. Experto Credite are continually phoning my friend at all times of the day and night. He states to them he doesn't discuss finance over the telephone. Anyone any experience of the DCA Experto Credite.
  8. Had a phone call from DLC they stated that they only send out statements once a year, I explained as I was being reviewed on a 6 monthly basis that was no good to me, I needed and wanted monthly statements. I also stated that DLC put this in writing to me. Answer "I will have to speak to my supervisor", end of telephone call. Can I demand a monthly statement? I have never known this before.
  9. I am paying through my bank account so they are on my statements.
  10. My post office credit card debt has been passed to a DCA called DLC. I have not received a monthly statement since February 2011, I am making payments to DLC under an arrangement. Should I still receive my monthly statement showing the payments I am making?
  11. Hi Very sorry victoria-siempre but I thought your post was related to the last post ie: my post. I thought you were implieing that I was DWP or a DCA. Hope you will accept my apology.
  12. No I am not from the DWP or a DCA I used to work for DWP so I know how they would think. I was just trying to give the person concerned some advice as I know it. I take your remark as being quite offensive victoria-siempre, I thought this forum was to try and help people not make unwanted comments that you have been making..
  13. Hi You should have received letters from the DWP overpayments section it is these people you need to be dealing with, their address should be on your correspondance. If you have completed claim forms and signed them then the overpayment is nearly always classed as your mistake even if you didn't understand or interpret the question. You need to ask what a realistic figure is, I expect the answer will be that they will determine that when they have had your budgeting form. If the DWP have enough evidence to take you to court they will if you do not respond to the letter, I say this because it is civil servants in the fraud department who will do this it isn't an individual and the cost will not be considered to do this as it isn't the individual's money that is carrying out the process. Normally though overpayments of benefit are paid back at a nominal amount per week.
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