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  1. dont know what bumped is but I was just trying to share advice as this is a common problem 14 days 10 working days no difference really just force of habbit as only worked mon-fri lol
  2. the default notice gives you 10 days to clear your arrears if you didn't do this then no you cannot legally terminate the agreement, this should have been made clear when accepting your p'ment proposal really
  3. not going to happen folkes the best deal you will get is 50% off your balance and that would be with director approval, also a note on harrassment welcome staff are allowed to call anytime between 8:30am and 8pm they are allowed to leave 1 message on each number you have, but are entitled to ring as often as they like until you answer, also the collecting methods are done by telephone call so you will never or shouldnt get a personal letter as a reply, only system letters are allowed unless again approval is granted, my advice to anyone is pick up your phone and do your best to come up with a
  4. can you remember what you monthy repayment was, you may have borrowed £4000 but finance companys make money on interest and Welcome Loans have a high interest level. lets say your monthly payment was £150 which is about right on a £4000 loan if you took this over 4 years your repayment total would be £7200. there is also a chance that you had payment protection, part payment would go towards paying this off also. the loans also work like a credit card they are interest bearing so as you missed 2 payments the interest would increase so therefore it is not as simple as making 48 payments of £150
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