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  1. Hi , I have now sold my house and am in rented accomodation having lost all i worked for over the last 10 or more years. Swift have had their pound of flesh the final settlement was £67,000.00 which crippled me. This was my equity and was to be my nest egg on retirement. I am very bitter at the age of 54 I am back to square 1 in rented house with no savings and living month to month but at least Swift have had a big meaty profit from my demise. Maybe one day someone in authority will look at these villans ad justice will be done I can at least live in hope. The one thing i am able
  2. I am a little concerned that if i rock the boat now before sale completes they may be awkward in some way and any delay could jepordise sale which i just cannot afford. Maybe best to start action after sale has been completed and Swift paid
  3. Many Thanks,i will pursue it but it seems at present with house searching and packing there seems to be little or no time for anything else. Frustrating !!
  4. Have now sent details to consumer direct and have had confirmation of receipt with code CDC09553649. Fingers crossed !!
  5. Good point and well worth checking THANKYOU
  6. Thanks i will do that,do you know the email address i should use. No i didnt take out PPI
  7. 1 week passed and no reply from oft yet not even acknowlegement of my email. Is this standard or is it possible email has not reached david blocksidge ? Anyone know.
  8. Have emailed both at oft now and will keep you informed of any progress
  9. Thats fantastic thanks i will email them both tonight
  10. Thanks guess i will keep making payments then
  11. Many Thanks Scott im still trying to navigate my way around this site and appreciate your help. Not had any replies yet though !!
  12. Thanks so much it all seems so hard but perhaps if i show this to my conveyancing solicitor he may be able to take the action required before settling. I cant afford for it to delay or i may lose the sale and both Swift and also my mortgage company are threatening repossession although the mortgage company have been far more lenient. The recession has killed me my income has plummeted by £1000 PER MONTH and so these shortfalls were somewhat inevitable. I will keep you informed should i make any progress.
  13. Thanks so much. They def do have secured loan and i cant avoid paying but hope to reclaim with a no win no pay company if anyone has any recommendations. Cant find original agreement but figures are as in writing on the settlement they have just sent to me. I am very bitter as i cannot get another mortgage due to arrears on Swift as well as mortgage and am having to find rented accomodation.
  14. Thanks for responding,Yes they definately have charge and i cannot avoid paying them but i am hoping to find one of the companies who offer no win no pay to reclaim monies for me. The house is going through sale at present and i am forced to find rented accomodation so i am very bitter. Cant find original agreement unfortunateley but the figures i quoted are set out in the settlement figure they have just sent to me
  15. I have a loan with welcome finance and am paying by direct debit but it seems from this forum that they may be bust and if so can i stop paying. The money would be better in my pocket at present. Can anyone help with answer please
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