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  1. Had phone call from OR today, seems as if he will discharge but could not advise on unnulment..
  2. Hi sequenci, If the OR discharges me then it will show for 6 years from then on credit file? (am i correct) I can not apply for SC or DV contracts as Bankruptsy will be a big no no, (i think this will show always unless unulled) At present i am undischarged, so officialy still bankrupt. So need to do something I did not owe the money (guess that what they all say) but i really didnt, before ccj debt was £833.00 for waste collection! Any advise Thanks Jason
  3. Would someone help me out with any advise? I was made bankrupt in Jan 2006 for a CCJ of £1K. The CCJ was obtained by default as was sent to a residentual address that no longer lived at. The Stat demand had an order that it could be served by post but was soposidly posted at the address by the solicitors. I attended the high court by application to get the case adjorned and applied to get the CCJ set aside. The CCJ hearing was heard and it was ordered adjurned pending me to supply a deposit in case I was to loose the case. I was unable to provide the deposit as no account had been set up by the court. On the date (Oct 2005) that the deposit was to be paid their (Local Athourity) solicitor phone me and wrote to say the judgment stood and I was made bankrupt... i also got tonnes of junk mail relating to this. It was imposible for me to continue trading for various reasons but mainly because a clause in me lease prevented it. I gave everything up as at the time i was so depressed after going to high court and county court being chased by the LA for a debt that i could prove i did not owe. The registrar had led me to believe that I was in the right but refused to dismiss the case... Try and get the point now! I now wish to get the bankruptsy annuled, I have contacted the OR again (I had previously after about a year, filled in a PIQB and heard nothing). They confirmed my address etc. but continued to send to the previous residentual and work address?? I have now filled in the PIQB again and emailed it to the OR. There is a bit more to it but any advise on filling a 7.1A form and should I try and get the CCJ proved (no longer shows as over 6 years old).. How I should deal with the OR as I think that they can also apply to get the annultment or anything else will be very much appriciated. Jason
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