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  1. hi all the very same has happened to me the last few weeks, i dropped my laptop down the stairs and the guys took it off and then a woman rang and said that i need to write a letter to the claims investigation dept in regards to what happened, two weeks later i had a reply saying that i abused or misused it, the letter itself contradicts itself and makes no sense, £450 down the drain..... please help! i think they shoulld rename it WHATEVER HAPPENS EXCEPT......LOL
  2. the lender is northern rock, i had all the documentation through as requested but dont know what to do from here and I think it is probably best I dont try and contest it??
  3. hi there, ok here goes 1. the mortgage is £73000 with no arrears, have had some in the past tho but its now upto date paying interest only at the moment because i lost my job last year. 2. first loan was for 12k with no arrears 3. second loan was 15k with no arrears 4. have other debts which are unsecured 5. was hoping if i could prove the secured loans had flaws to avoid paying the loans 6. i was thinking they may ask me to find another mortgage provider or maybe force me to sell the house for this.... cheers hope this helps a bit
  4. I dont wish to dismiss the mortgage but the two secured loans on it, just wanted to know if these agreements have the same flaws as the unsecured loans from previously?? wanted to see if there was any way out of the secured loans not the mortgage and if the mortgage company would punish me for doing so? x cheers
  5. just wanted to know if there are flaws in these agreements, can i claim them back as unenforceable?? I will send the £10 fee with the letter that was recommended and see what happens. just wondered if anyone has been successful in doing this as its on a mortgage?? and what to be looking for. help i am totally clueless, although i have claimed my PPI back and in the process of trying to sort my loans out!! will be grateful for any help given xxxxx Kelly
  6. I have a mortgage with Northern Rock for £41000 and over the 11 years have had two secured loans on top of my mortgage, I have asked for the original documents for the secured loan element of the mortgage to see if there is any way out of these, after two phone calls and three letters, they sent me some documentation which they say is not relevent to the credit consumer act 1974 as they are not regulated by this?? they say if i sent a cheque for £10 then i can have the full paperwork in accordance with the something act 1998?? I am confused totally, can anyone help me on this one?? Pl
  7. haha where do I start?? I have looked at this site and taken advice and now im a little 'stuck' so all input is very much grately recieved!! I have asked my lenders, Cahoot, Egg and Mortgage lender for original agreements, because all agreements are before 2006 and wanted to know how i really spot the flaws in agreements and how to respond. My mate works for a company and has said that he can do it for a fee, which really isnt the point if i want to scrub away debts!! OK here goes, The cahoot loan was a flexible one taken out in 2005 agreed limit £9000 have had some success in claim
  8. I have been to the finiancial ombudsman but they seem to think this is fair?????
  9. I took out a flexible loan with cahoot in 2005 or 2006. This loan basically worked like a credit card, meaning that it never had a term of repayment and i would just pay the monthly instalment due, like you would a credit card. However I got into financial difficulty and the CAB advised to write to all my crediters with an offer of £1 per month. when i took this loan out, orginally it was for £9000 and with all the interest and charges has arose to £10300, I have successfully gained the PPI back because it was unnessarsary. could this loan be unenforceable?? I do have some of the credit agreem
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