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  1. Hi all,I shall not be posting anymore on this thread, as my problem was over 2 years ago, and I have got over the ordeal. My claim was not accepted by Gary Perryment, so ended up buying another laptop in May 2010, still have that laptop 2 years on, and haven't had any accidents with it luckily. Did not buy insurance for this one!Good luck everyone with your cliams
  2. Update: Having had many letters go backwards and forwards to Gary Perryment, didn't get me anywhere at all. Was going to file a small claim in the county court. Costs £35 to file a claim for £500, which was the cost of the laptop. Then, eventually if the court did end up taking my side, currys could still choose whether or not they pay up. If they didn't, I would have to pay the court a further £100 to enforce the order and force Currys to pay. Seemed like a lot of hassle and stress, and would be spending more money, so ended up buying another laptop, without insurance! I've got over the ordeal, but every time I see the broken laptop in my store room, the memories are relived!
  3. Going through exact same problem as you. My service agreement states "your whatever happens customer support agreement is with DSG Retail Limited" followed by the Hemel Hempstead address HP2 7TG. Therefore, I assume a N1 would be filed in that name. I'm sending my 'letter before action' tomorrow and I've given them 14 days till 18th May. Did you put a specific reply by date on your letter or just 14 days? If you put just 14 days, then I would probably wait 14 working days just to be technically right! That way they can't pick at little things later on.
  4. Got a call from an 'investigator' this morning. Asked me if I'd worked for DSGI, asked if my floor was carpeted, asked further irrelevant questions. Then asked me about previous claims, which I have 3. I explained my children handle the laptop all the time so accidents are inevitable. At the end of the call, he said my claim will be rejected on the basis of 'neglect' and that its based on the overall claims I've made. He didn't mention anything about the laptop damage being inconsistent, but for 7 minutes of the 10 minute call, he went over with me the dates and details of previous claims. So it seems now that what they originally said, they're not going by that now, but they're going on total number of claims. There isn't a limit to how many accidents we can have nor is there a limit on their policy of how many claims we can have. Going to write to them again telling them I won't let this drop. I've written to watchdog aswell, and I've written to my local newsapaper. This is the Watchdog address, if many of us write in, maybe we'll get somewhere and sort this problem out once and for all. Watchdog MCG A6 Media Centre Wood Lane London W12 7TG
  5. Just completed and sealed a letter to Gary Perryment. Posting tomorrow by recorded delivery. Asked for full explanation of what steps they have taken to investigate my claim and how it is they came to their conclusion that damage was not consistent with fall down stairs and hitting wall. Asked them to repair laptop or I will have no choice but to take help through small claims court.
  6. Thank you guys for your support, I feel I've gained strength to deal with this. Chris, I've sent you a reply with more info.
  7. Thank you dx for your support. I'm going to send Chris a message now. Perplexity, you are so right, course they won't report it to the police! I think they're just trying to save as much of their profit as they possibly can by refusing these claims and indirectly blaming people for abusing and misusing! I bet if I put that to them in a letter, they would really be rattled. I think I might do that eventually, right now I'm thinking I'm going to write a kind worded letter and try to get this resolved.
  8. Hi andydd, Well the warranty states that accidental damage and mishaps are covered for the duration of the policy. But basically they're telling me what happened is not accidental, so they won't do anything about it. The way they sold the insurance, it seemed worthwhile having it, because I'd have that peace of mind especially knowing my children would be handling it. They said I'd be completely covered in case of accidents. And now they're twisting it around telling me there was no accident... so much for peace of mind, I'm going mad with worry.
  9. I phoned consumer direct today... unfortunately didn't get too far with that. The advisor advised that I ought to get my own independant inspection done on the laptop, and if I was backed that the laptop damage was an accident, I could then take it on with dsgi. I can't afford to get an independant inspection done on it!! I'm already so worried that I'm losing the use of my £500 laptop and possibly having to replace it if they don't fix this one. I'm also really stressed out about this whole matter and really disappointed that I've been let down by an 'insurance policy'... never thought it would happen to me... and here I am now.
  10. I've had my laptop for just over 2 years. Bought it from Curry's. Bought the whatever happens policy that was 'sold' to me with the laptop. Paid £7.99 every month since I bought the laptop, no gaps no arrears. My son accidentally dropped the laptop out of his hand as he was about to go down the stairs. This happened about 2 weeks before the laptop would be 2 years old. The laptop hit the stairs a few times and then hit a wall at the bend of the staircase then finally fell to the floor. Phoned currys whatever happens. Booked in for collection. Collected next day by DPD couriers. Laptop came back 10 days later with a letter from the tech guys. Stated 'damage caused by abuse, misuse or neglect was not covered' . Was asked to appeal to Gary Perryment. Wrote letter to Gary Perryment, explaining the exact circumstances around the accident, as this was never asked of me, before they decided that this was not accidental damage. Technically, the only person on their side that knew it had fallen down the stairs was the advisor on the phone who booked it in. Even the service report didn't say that. All it said in the description was 'acc dam screen case'. So how could the technician decide it wasn't accidental damage, just by looking at it, and not knowing what kind of accident it was? So got a reply today,from the 'gary perryment' department, 24 days after I posted my letter to them. states the same thing... that I should look at my agreement and that it clearly states damage caused by abuse, misuse or neglect is not covered. Apparently, their senior technician has looked at the matter, and decided the damage caused is inconsistent with my explanation of events.Their senior tech hasn't even seen the laptop. How could this case be dismissed so easily without a full investigation. It may not be much to them, but its £500 to me. I've read up on loads of these problems that people are having, some have written about happy endings and some with no endings! I want a happy ending to write about, help me please on how I should go about it. Should I write back to the perryment deprtment? By the way, they continue to take £7.99 from my account while all this is going on. I haven't cancelled it, hoping that this might help me when I argue my point. I even explained that I took this insurance because my children would be handling the laptop, and knowing that it covered accidental damage I have continued to pay my premiums for the last 2 years... they don't want to hear none of it. Please advise.......:-?
  11. Hi, Your laptop repair problem was a while back. How did you get on and did you eventually get your laptop repaired/replaced. I've got the same problem, only difference is my laptop fell out my sons hand when he was about to start going down the stairs. Laptop came back unrepaired with a letter saying damage caused by abuse, misuse or neglect is not covered. Was asked to appeal to Gary Perryment, after doing so, got a reply saying the same thing and apparently they'd looked at the case with a senior technician and found the damage to be inconsistent with my explanation of events. Only got that letter today so don't know what to do next. Naz
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